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Find interns for your company in just 3 steps

If your company needs interns and you also want to be sure that all documents are prepared using the correct administrative channels, follow those three steps and find your intern, as so many different companies have done with our help since 2005.

1. Contact us and publish an offer

  • Contact us by phone or e-mail, or publish and offer for free via our on-line form.
  • Explain what profile you´re looking for, what tasks you´re offering, the start date and duration of the intersnship, the requirements related to the candidate´s studies and languages.
  • One of our specialists will personally manage the search, and advise you during all the steps.

2. Interview and choose your candidate

  • We´ll publish the offer in university intranets and on student jobboards.
  • Our recruitment team will choose the best applications approved by universities.
  • And finally, we´ll present you the perfect candidate so that you can interview them and decide.

3. Sign the documents

  • Once you accept a candidate, we´ll help you with the bureaucracy.
  • We´ll inform the university and request all necessary paperwork like the Internship Agreement.
  • And we´ll clear your doubts to make sure that everything is ready before the internship starts.

Find internship students from across Europe

About Italian students.

The Italian students we select through our process all have an in-depth training in fields such as languages, commerce, tourism and various other business sciences. They are generally around 24 years old and have little professional experience due to the the fact that the Italian education system requires many hours of lessons. They use the opportunity of doing an internship abroad to put their academic knowledge in practice.

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Between languages and business: French students

The French students we select most often come from two main backgrounds: Business Schools and Universities. In both cases, they are young men and women around 22 years old, who speak at least two languages and have good training and several professional experiences. Indeed, in France, it is quite common for students to do several internships abroad and our collaboration with their institutions is very active.

Learn more about French students

An Overview of the English students

When we talk about British students, we have to say that they are very demanding and that at 21 or 22 years old they want to have an important and empowering role in organisation: those who decide to seek an internship abroad take this opportunity to improve their foreign languages while distinguishing themselves by the international openness they provide to companies through their native English level.

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German productivity and efficiency are known all around the world: German trainees are famous for their ability to optimize their work in all circumstances. Administration, digital marketing, tourism, communication, finance, business strategy or sales are just some of the areas that German students often look for in an internship abroad. Moreover, German students often have excellent level of languages

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Highlight on Polish students.

Their history and official language are today the driving forces behind Polish students’ desire to open up to the world and learn new languages such as English, German, Russian and French: these young men and women stand out for their perseverance, their interest in learning new things and their desire to integrate into the many companies that exist around the world to gain experience and knowledge in several fields

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Spanish and Latin American practice

The Spanish and South American students we usually select distinguish themselves by their in-depth training in business, engineering, marketing and communication fields : they are friendly, dynamic and eager to show their skills. These internships are for them a way to integrate a serious company after their training period during which they will give the best of themselves and try to put their knowledge to practice.

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Frequently asked questions about hiring interns

Why should I hire an intern for my company?

Hiring interns is a widely used strategy in different organizations to train young talents who want to have a first contact with the working world. As a company, you can benefit from the presence of a foreign student from the country of your choice, who will bring dynamism, fresh air, and languages to your organization. In addition, many of the students who participate in an internship agreement end up on staff.

Should I pay the student internships?

Paid internships are always an incentive for students who undertake them, as they see it as a reward for their work. However, compensation depends on the legal framework of the country where the internship takes place, as some countries require a minimum monthly payment, while others do not.

What documents do I need to process to hire a student intern?

At IES Consulting, we will support and guide you through the entire process. Not only will we search for the best candidates for the position, but we will also take care of all the necessary paperwork and documentation so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Contact us and publish an internship offer

Complete the form, write to us, or call us. We will help you!

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