Frequently Asked Questions by companies in search of interns

Since 2005, and with success, IES Consulting offers HR consulting services to companies, SMEs, and hotels—recruitment of interns, and coordination of student mobility programmes like Erasmus+.

In more details, our team of specialists takes care of:

  • Publishing and dissemination of internship offers on our website, as well as in specialised media and in intranets of universities, academic centres, tourism schools and business schools.
  • Advising companies regarding regulations, academic environment, documentation, and everything related to the screening process, search, and incorporation of interns.
  • Carrying out recruitment processes and procedures in various native languages, given that our staff is fluent in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Polish, and German.
  • Establishing communication and administrative bridge between companies, interns, and universities to confirm an incorporation, and also formalise administrative procedures such as the internship agreement.
  • Guiding and informing companies, students, and universities in case of any doubt or incident.

The candidate profile, in general, is that of a person between 18 and 26 years old, studying or recently graduated from a university, a school of tourism, or a business school in Europe, entitled to an internship agreement, with or without experience, and who, in addition to their native language, also speaks one or more foreign languages, and has approval from their school for an internship experience.

Most students come from universities and business schools in France, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Germany. We are also fortunate to have candidates from other countries such as Mexico, the UK, Austria, Lithuania, among many others, although to a lesser extent.

As for the training, we have contact with students with various types of higher education: from applied linguistics to business sciences, technical training, gastronomy, or international trade, among others.

To be a beneficiary of our recruitment services is easy, provided you have the means and will to provide practical experience to a student.

The first thing is, of course, to publish the internship offer. There are various ways of sending us the job description directed at the future intern:

  • You can pre-publish it by clicking the link Publish an internship offer for free.
  • You can send us an e-mail to or to your personal consultant.
  • Or you can call us at +34 93 178 59 67 to get detailed information about our process, and ask for personal advice in case of any doubt.

Throughout the recruitment process our consultants are free to reject or take down one or more internship offers of a beneficiary company under four conditions:

  1. When our consultants consider that the company, the internship offer, the requirements or conditions and benefits of it do not meet our demands.
  2. When the company shows no interest in the recruitment process and thus does not respond promptly and / or clearly after being presented with an application, requests for information and documentation.
  3. When, because of the season or the profile requirements, it is imposible to find an intern under the conditions of the company.
  4. When doing an internship in this company is not a positive experience, as confirmed by testimonials and complaints of students who´ve done their internships there.

IES Consulting is open to various ways of charging for our services. The most common alternatives are:

  • The university pays: once a student is accepted for an internship by the company, the university (having agreed to it before) pays the invoice for the recruitment process and administrative procedures.
  • The international mobility or scholarship institution pays: we collaborate with programmes such as Leonardo da Vinci or Erasmus+, and sending institutions pay for our service of finding placements for their pupils.
  • The student or his/her family pays: if the student has not received a scholarship, or their university does not have an economic collaboration contract with us, it is the very student or their parents who are charged with the fee for our services, as in case of a work and travel agency. Of course, in those cases, each candidate is informed about the process and the fees before the recruitment starts.

That said, unless an exception occurs, the companies who seek, accept, and train interns after our recruitment have no fees or bills to pay us.

The duration of the recruitment process varies depending on many factors: the season, the profile requirements, and the offer´s attractiveness.

A process during summer holidays is much more difficult than one earlier in the year when a lot of students search for internships. Also, finding a student who has mastered four languages is much more complicated than finding one who speaks English and their native language.

On the other hand, if the offer is attractive when it comes to tasks, company location, as well as benefits, then surely there is a bigger probability of finding the desired profile.

You could say that, depending on these aspects, the best case scenario is that the process will take a few days, and the worst case scenario—a few months. Our advice is to start searching with some time in advance.

Usually our team of consultants is very agile in responding to companies, both new and those already known.

However, if you have chosen a pre-publication through our online form or have written an e-mail, and after two or three days you have no answer, we suggest you call us to get personalized advice immediately.

We recommend to begin looking at least two months before the desired internship start. Keep in mind that the recruitment process, the interviews take time; but the internship agreement and other administrative procedures can also take a lot of time depending on each university.

Advised by our consultants, you can post internship offers even with a year in advance if you´re sure what kind of student you need, and how flexible you are regarding the date of incorporation.

Companies benefiting from our intern recruitment and general consulting services must meet a number of conditions which, in our view, make them become organisations where students would want to do internships.

In that vein, the perfect company is one that not only offers an interesting internship and allows to have a learning experience, but one that also provides benefits such as a monthly salary, and others (in the case of hotels) like accommodation and board.

Our consultants also take into account the fact whether the company officials have previous experience with managing interns or not.

Our greatest demand to companies is to maintain a constant and agile communication, always accompanied by answers and decisions that allow us to come to favourable end of the screening process.

Maintaining agile and effective communication between us and the company officials is essential.

It is important to know that in case we find it difficult to communicate with a company, when it is difficult to schedule interviews between candidates and company officials at reasonable times, or when our consultants consider that the collaboration is not effective, the possibility of taking down an offer or offers and cancelling the collaboration with the company may apply.

IES Consulting’s intern recruitment and consulting services do not intend to replace the internal processes of companies with which we collaborate.

On the contrary, our goal is to help companies find interns respecting the operations of each organization. What will determine if we can or not collaborate with your company is that those internal procedures adapt to our demands, and thus permit an agile and effective communication between our consultants, company representatives, and candidates for internships.

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