Easily find French students interested in internships.

Hundreds of French students find internships in companies, hotels, multinationals and Start-Ups thanks to the publication, student orientation and pre-selection processes of IES Consulting.

Our team has a close and trusting relationship with numerous universities in the main French cities and with the numerous and well known Ecoles de Commerce.

Every season we usually have French candidates interested in doing internships in marketing, sales, digital marketing, translation, logistics, import-export, tourism, events or communication, among others.

Finding French interns is part of our daily work since 2005 when we started working with the Universities of Northern France, bringing their young people closer to international companies in Barcelona.

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What types of practice do French students do?

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

What types of practice do French students do?

Academic internships in French universities are always curricular: they are those that appear in the curricula with the corresponding allocation of credits. Most internships for native French students are compulsory and sometimes voluntary. At IES Consulting we work with internship agreements and NOT with internship contracts.

Oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses

What are the internship agreements for French students like?

Internship agreements are training agreements signed between the educational institution, the company and the native French student of higher education: BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur), bachelor, degree or master’s degree. The relationship established between the company, the training centre and the student is strictly academic and in no case professional.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

At what time of year can they do your internships?

French trainees usually do their internships from January to June. It is regularly determined by schools and is organized well in advance. We recommend that you publish your internship offers for French native students about three to four months before your internship starts. For BTS students, calls are open all year round.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Duration - How long does an internship agreement last?

As for the duration of the internship, French law allows a maximum of 6 months. The schools choose the duration of the internships depending on the training: BTS students stay 4 to 6 weeks; Bachelor from 3 to 6 months; Master’s degree from 4 to 6 months.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Schedule - What are the usual working hours for French interns?

Students usually work full time; part time is also a possibility. The inclusion of the number of hours of work per week is one of the conditions of the internship agreements for French students.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Remuneration - How much is a French intern usually paid?

In general, companies provide financial advantages that cover the minimum expenses of students. All internships managed through IES Consulting are remunerated. The average financial remuneration expected for a French student is €500.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Languages - What languages do they speak?

Native French students generally speak English and/or Spanish and/or German; average English level is B1. They may have a better level of languages if they have already studied or done an internship abroad. A trilingual profile is therefor often available.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Age - How old are they usually

Native French students are usually between the ages of 19 and 23; these young students can come from the second to fifth year of business school.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Experience - Do they have work experience?

BTS students usually have no work experience; Masters students are professionals in the process of specialization and usually have some work experience. At IES Consulting we recommend being flexible in the demands on the work experience of the French students.

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The French education system is divided into three stages: primary school, secondary education and higher education. From 6 to 16 years old, education is compulsory, free and secular. During these years, primary and secondary education follow one another. The following three years take place at the lycée and at this level students can choose from three different itineraries: professional (to jump into the job market), technological (for higher technical studies), general (to go to university).

Depending on the training model chosen by the students, they may be BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur, in French, or Diploma de Technicien Supérieur, in Spanish), final year students or master’s students. Native French students who come to do an internship in Spain are usually studying at Technical Teaching Centres, Grandes Écoles and specialised schools or universities.

Each level of study is achieved by acquiring European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits. If you want to know more about the French education system, you can do so on the European Commission’s website

Technical education centres

Short training courses, generally lasting two or three years, are aimed at the business, industry or service sectors. These courses, which are usually offered by multidisciplinary institutes linked to universities or specialised schools, always include work placements in companies and offer genuine job prospects

Grandes Écoles and specialised schools

Long-term training in the Grandes Écoles, also known as “prépa”, takes five years and is highly demanding. These establishments are generally dedicated to a single field such as science, engineering, humanities and humanities, management and commerce, unlike universities in various sectors.


French universities have harmonized their diplomas with those of other European countries by adopting the LMD system: Bachelor (3-4 years) / Master (4-5 years) / Doctorate (7 years). In France, there are 70 public universities, financed by the State, which award the national diplomas they award according to a very strict procedure. Universities teach all disciplines.

Are you looking for French students?

IES Consulting helps you with the selection process and university procedures

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