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More than 200 companies (SMEs and multinationals) and hotels find interns every year thanks to our publication, offer distribution and student pre-selection service. Since 2005, IES Consulting collaborates with Universities and Business Schools throughout Italy and integrates their students within serious companies in Europe and all over the world. Each year, we put these companies in contact with nearly 800 students for internships related to marketing, commerce, customer service, tourism, catering, and computer science, among others. We also handle administrative procedures such as university conventions, Erasmus scholarships, internship certificates and training projects.

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What kind of internships do Italian students do?

Internships for Italian students can be compulsory or voluntary in their study programmes. Curricular internships are those that appear in their curricula with the corresponding allocation of credits. Postgraduate or extracurricular internships are those that students complete voluntarily for at most, exactly 12 months after graduation. In general, the Italian trainee is already a qualified professional.

Oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses

What are internship agreements Italian students?

Internship agreements are training agreements signed between the educational institution, the company and the student. For most Universities, it takes about 4 weeks to complete the internship agreement. The relationship established between the company, the training centre and the student is strictly academic and in no case professional. At IES Consulting, we work with internship agreements and NOT with internship contracts.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

At what time of the year can you post your internship offers?

There is no specific period during which the Italian students must do their internship. In general, students are available all year round, especially since many of them are “neo-laureati” and have no problems with dates. However, we recommend that you publish your offers well in advance of the date you wish to receive the student in order to avoid possible delays due to lengthy bureaucratic procedures (almost always at least one month) with schools or universities.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Duration - How long lasts an internship agreement?

Italian legislation on the regulation of traineeships provides a maximum of 6 months. Generally, the duration of the internship is determined by the school according to the training: candidates who are still in study tend to do short-term internships, while graduates seek maximum work experience and seek an internship with the possibility of hiring. The average duration is 4 months.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Schedules - What are the trainees' usual working hours?

Italian interns generally work full-time, up to 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week; part-time is also an option. The inclusion of the number of weekly working hours is one of the conditions of the training agreements for Italians.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Remuneration – How much is an Italian intern usually paid?

In general, companies offer financial advantages that cover students’ minimum expenses. All internships managed by IES Consulting are paid and the average financial remuneration expected for an Italian student is 500€.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Languages - What languages do they speak?

Apart from their mother tongue, Italian students generally speak Spanish and/or English as well as French. An Italian student’s English is usually at B2 level. Some candidates, particularly Business oriented profiles, only speak English.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Age - How old are they usually?

Native Italian students wishing to do internships in companies in Spain are generally between 25 and 28 years old, they usually do so as part of Laurea Magistrale or Master courses.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Experience - Do they have work experience?

Laurea Triennale students often have no work experience at all; Laurea Magistrale students are professionals in their specialization course and often have some work experience. IES Consulting recommends you to be flexible in your requirements regarding the professional experience of Italian trainees.

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You want to know more about the Italian education system? Find More…

In Italy, education is compulsory for ages 6 to 16 and is divided into three levels: primary, secondary and higher. During these years, primary and secondary education followed one another. Upon entering Secondary School, students can choose from three types of schools, each specializing in one type of education:

– Liceo : Offers theoretical training in a field of specialization, which may be art, human sciences or science. It aims to create a basis for access to higher education and consists of five courses, for students ranging from 14 to 19 years.

– Technical Institute: Combines practical and theoretical training in economics or technical subjects. It lasts five years, the first two are common to the chosen branch and during the remaining three years, a specialty is studied in depth. They must then complete a three- or six-month internship within the last year. It provides access to university and higher education.

– Professional Institute: offers very practical and specialized training for three years, focused on the job market.

Depending on the training model chosen by the students, they may be Laurea triennale, Laurea magistrale or Master students. Italian native students who come to Europe and all over the world for an internship usually study in Laurea Triennale, Laurea Magistrale or Master

Laurea Triennale

This is a generic three-year course. Students must take 180 ECTS. The young students of the Laurea triennale are looking for placements in a particular field but do not yet have any specialisation, have no professional experience or have little experience and tend to stay for short periods.

Laurea Magistrale

It is a specialization in certain disciplines. There are 120 ECTS which are taught in a two-year single cycle programme, after the triennial Laurea, and a baccalaureate. Students have access to internship agreements during their studies or at postgraduate level.

Master's Degree

It is only after completing a Laurea Triennale that it is possible to obtain a first Master’s degree lasting one year. After completing a Laurea Magistrale, it is possible to obtain a Master’s degree of 2 years. Some first level Master students come to do internships in companies in Europe

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