Easily find Polish students interested in doing internships abroad.

En IES Consulting sabemos dónde buscar y cómo encontrar estudiantes polacos interesados en hacer prácticas profesionales en España y el resto de Europa gracias a la cercanía con sus Universidades.

Nuestro equipo de selección cuenta con personal originario de Polonia, lo que nos permite no sólo comunicar en idioma nativo con los estudiantes sino publicar en su lengua en los portales más populares.

Cada año encontramos becarios polacos interesados en hacer prácticas en áreas de comunicación, empresariales, turismo, atención al clientes, traducción, marketing digital y otros entornos.

Si necesitas encontrar becarios polacos en IES Consulting te ofrecemos años de experiencia, un equipo nativo y un sistema que nos permite publicar y difundir anuncios de manera ágil y automatizada.

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Polish Students: Profile, Interests and Expectations

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

What types of internships do Polish students do?

Most internships for Polish students are voluntary. In all these cases, the relationship established between the company, the training centre and the student is strictly academic and in no case employment. At IES Consulting we work with internship agreements and NOT with internship contracts.
Oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses

What are internship agreements for Polish students?

Internship agreements are training agreements and in Poland, as a rule, internships are not regulated by agreements. In this sense, in IES Consulting we are in charge of preparing a document that for the purposes of European legislation acts as an internship agreement and is signed by Polish universities.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

What time of year can they do your internships?

For Polish students, the internship usually takes place during the summer months, in the period from July to September. Companies wishing to recruit an intern are advised to publish an internship offer for Polish students about three to four months before starting the internship.
publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Duration - How long does an internship agreement last?

Polish universities allow a maximum duration of 6 months for internships. However, the average duration of an internship with a Polish student is 3 months. In any case, the duration will be determined by the specific offer of each company negotiated with the possibilities of the scholarship holders.
publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Experience – Do they have profesional experience?

In general, Polish scholars do not usually have work experience; they may have some work experience but not necessarily in their professional area. At IES Consulting we recommend that you be flexible in your requirements regarding the work experience of the trainees, as an internship is, by definition, a first work experience.
publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Remuneration – How much is a Polish student usually paid?

In general, companies usually provide financial incentives that cover the minimum expenses of students. All internships managed through IES Consulting are remunerated. The average financial remuneration expected for a Polish student is €500.
publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Languages – What languages do they usually speak?

Polish students generally speak English, on average C1. They may have bases in other languages: some have high Spanish, some have high German, some have high French.
publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Schedule - What is their usual schedule?

Students must do the working day established by the company. They usually work full time; part time is also a possibility.
publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Age - How old are they usually?

Polish internship students are usually between 21 and 25 years old.

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On the education and work experience of Polish students

The main stages of the Polish education system are as follows: Early Childhood Education, Basic Education, Secondary Education and Higher Education. Infant education is made up of three courses aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 6. This is followed by compulsory full-time Basic Education for young people between the ages of 6 and 16, which lasts ten years and includes one year in the preparatory course or year zero, six years divided into two cycles of primary education and three years of basic secondary education in the Gymnasium.

Secondary Education offers a preparatory training for access to Higher Education (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate), once the Matura or Bachelor’s degree exam has been passed. The centres that provide these teachings can be: General secondary schools (liceum ogólnokształcące), specialised secondary schools (liceum profilowane), technical secondary schools (technikum). Education is provided by subject and, regardless of the modality, all secondary schools are guided by the established core curriculum, which includes traditional disciplines. The weekly teaching load is 32-33 hours. Not all students who complete high school begin university studies. The certificate obtained at the end of the training qualifies for the performance of a trade in the labour market.

Polish students who do an internship abroad usually come from Higher Education and are studying or have recently graduated with a degree or university master’s degree.

If you want to know more about the Polish education system, you can do so on the European Commission’s website.

Bachelor's Degree

First cycle programs lead to two types of degrees: Bachelor’s degree, which lasts 3 to 4 years; and Engineering, which is a 3.5 to 4 year program. It is an eminently theoretical education, although in recent years there has been an increase in the number of subjects that include practical activities with the aim of offering a more real vision of what the labour market has to offer.


Bachelor’s degree holders can enter second cycle programmes (Master), which last between 1 and 2 years, depending on the area of study, and provide access to third cycle studies. They are organised in R&D or research and development institutions. Master’s programs end with a thesis defense and students who have successfully completed it earn a relevant degree.

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