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Ten actions, one objective: Find the intern you are looking for

We know there are always better ways of doing things and because of this we put at your disposal the Premium services that will help you find the interns you need from ten actions orientated to optimise the process of creation, publishing and promotion of your adverts. 

The Premium actions are thought for those companies who prioritise results and do not want excuses during the selection process: Contact your trusted consultant or inform us about your interest after publishing your first offer.

1. Publish as much as you want and whenever you want

Publish as many internship offers as you want for all the positions and departments you wish to cover with as much anticipation as you need.

Create a group of ads to find a team and upload the advertisements that will allow you to find the substitutions necessary from now to a few months time with no limit whatsoever.

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2. We broadcast on recognised JobBoards

We are aware of the relative presence of portals that are exclusively dedicated to publishing employment and internship advertisments

Therefore, with the objective of improving the promotion of the Premium offers even more, we publish on these payment platforms to take advantage of the pull factor the most popular ones have.

3. Every offer is a googleable webpage

Inspired by the world of eCommerce we will make sure every one of your internship offers has the space it deserves on the Internet as if it was a product being sold online.

Every offer will count with its own url which will make it subject of being found by searchers and shared as a link.

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Find the talent you are looking for!
Publish offers with no limits and give them priority
Optimise their promotion in Universities and on JobBoards
Contact us and join the Premium Companies
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4. We optimise the offer's online positioning

If you go on Google and search for “internships in Spain”, you are likely to find our website amongst the results.

Take into account, that additionally our eMarketing team does everything possible so if anybody searches for example for: “marketing internships”, our offer will be one of the first suggested links and we will have candidates interested in applying.

5. We enrich the content of the offers

How an internship offer is communicated must be as attractive and aesthetic as the brand or corporate identity the company identifies with.

The editors in our office optimise the offer’s content to make it as interesting and as easy to understand as possible to prompt the candidates interest in the propsition.

B- Premium 5
B- Premium 6

6. We translate the offers to the languages of interest

It is clear that generally we like to be spoken to in our language and what better way of looking for, for example a French student for an internship, than by publishing the offer in their native language et voila!

It is because of this that all our Premium offers benefit from translations with the authenticity that only our team of native speakers can offer in a text.

7. We publish on University Intranets from across Europe

There is no better way of reaching a student audience than by broadcasting the internship offers on the platform’s Universities have created to promote accessibilty to the working world.

This arduous, demanding and at times tedious publishing task requires publications in hundreds of forms which after years of excecution our recruiters have become pretty good at.

B- Premium 7
Find the talent you are looking for!
Publish offers with no limits and give them priority
Optimise their promotion in Universities and on JobBoards
Contact us and join the Premium Companies
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8. We send personalised offers to embassy professors

Years and years of young talent recruitment processes in search for internships has opened many university doors since 2005.

A close relationship with professors and academic secretaries allows us to directly broadcast our internship advertisements to teachers and create interest within students that are receiving offers by recommendations from members of faculty.

9. We communicate and promote the offers on Multi-Channels

We live in a multi-channel society. This means we no longer receive information solely by one medium but from various places and in a number of directions; fortunately our organisation has known how to adapt to this revolution of aplications, radio, press, rss, Intranets, friends, images, sms and Internet.

Diffusing offers, for example, on social media is like throwing confetti into an audience at a concert. It will reach a lot of people and everyone will see it!

B- Premium 9
B- Premium 10

10. We take advantage of the lifelong word of mouth effect

It is common that when we process students who are looking for internships they mention that their peers are also interested in finding a learning experience in the same city and in a similiar environment as they are.

In these cases, the first actions our consultans will take will be to offer the Premium advertisements avaiblable: Digital works great but you can’t forget your manners 😉

Find the talent you are looking for!
Publish advertisements with no limits and give them priority
Optimise their promotion in Universities and on JobBoards
Contact us and join the Premium Companies

Make your offers stand out in the right way for only 590€ a year

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