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Useful information in case of an internship in Spain

A perfect destination with a lot of sunshine

Madrid, Barcelona, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, the Mediterranean coast, and Andalusia are some of the most attractive regions of Spain and, obviously, perfect destinations to do a professional internship.

If Spain is your destination, prepare for a training experience amongst countless cultural and gastronomic activities, kind people, history, nature, and music.

The companies and internship offers

Meeting new people with ideas and initiative is something companies and hotels in Spain highly value, and therefore, the corporate culture is very open to receiving domestic and foreign students for internships.

In business environment those internships are usually related to marketing, international trade, or customer service. Also, in the tourism industry internships are welcome at the reception, events, or food & beverage departments.


Useful information in case of an internship in France

Country of history, culture and cuisine

France is one of the most recognised corporate powers in the world, and also one of the most attractive tourist destinations. It is a country that has managed to find an enviable equilibrium between industry and tourism.

An internship in a large company in Paris or a training experience in a hotel on the French Riviera are within your reach as long as you pass all the interviews.

The companies and internship offers

If you are thinking of doing your internship in a hotel in France, they will surely require you to have a reasonable level of French, as the local and national tourism is as important as the foreign one.

If what you want is to do an internship at a company in sectors such as trade, marketing, or business in general, you must be prepared for many interviews, since companies tend to be really demanding before saying the long-awaited “yes”.


Useful information in case of an internship in Mexico

A 5-star hotel in the Caribbean

Mexico is a beautiful and magical country, full of history and misticism. It is also one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, and therefore a very attractive country to interns looking to improve their level of Spanish, or simply to have a cultural experience during their stay abroad.

Cancún, Playa del Carmen, and Riviera Maya are some of the points of major interest and it is precisely where IES Consulting´s partner hotels are located. Those hotels have been collaborating with us for years, proving that they have impeccable infrastructure, and offering enriching experiences to students from all over the world.

The hotels and internship offers

If you are looking for an internship in Mexico with IES Consulting, you will encounter offers in 5-star hotels in Riviera Maya, and with vacancies at the reception, public relations, events, restaurant and bar, kitchen, and even commercial or booking departments.

To do an internship in Mexico is to experience one of the most fascinating Latin American cultures; it is to experience life. That´s why we collaborate with the highest-standard hotels that have been providing very positive internship experiences.


Useful information in case of an internship in Germany

Learn from the European industrial power

Northern Europe is well known for its productivity and business rigour, it is not a surprise then that Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg are seen as destinations of ambitious internships for those seeking to get to know the German business style, its industrial approach, and work methods.

Moreover, Germany has a lot to offer because it´s the epicentre of music festivals, art exhibitions, and other entertainment. Bringing a warm coat will be a good idea if your internship in Germany is in the winter—have it in mind if you don´t want to freeze.

The companies and internship offers

Companies in Germany are usually very demanding when recruiting a new intern, German culture makes them very strict during the interviews and also during the learning process.

In Germany, especially in case of students coming from other countries, it is common to find internship positions that require foreign languages, e.g. in departments such as marketing, customer service, or international trade.


FAQs About Internships Abroad

How do I make a resume for an internship abroad?

In order for your application to be accepted for an internship abroad, create your resume in the language spoken in the country you are interested in, specify what you are looking for, duration, language spoken, sector…. And don’t hesitate to attach a nice cover letter.

How to find a paid internship abroad?

Finding a paid internship abroad is not impossible. It usually depends on two factors: the country, for example whether it is developing in order to avoid exploitation of an intern, and the student’s level of study. If you have not yet reached the Master’s level, for example, it will be up to you to sell yourself to the recruiters!

Which foreign countries welcome the most interns?

Going abroad for an internship will allow you to be totally independent on many new things and also to be in total immersion with the language of the country. The countries receiving the most interns are Canada, China, Spain and Germany. They are distinguished by their atmosphere and their culture, which is very different from the others.

Internship Destinations

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