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Why do an internship in Germany

People and society

Germany has a population of approximately 81 million people, and is one of the most prominent economic powers in the world. It has an enviable geolocation near powers like England and France. The Germans are educated, organised, and pragmatic; a society from which you can learn a lot.

Prominent cities and regions

Germany is a big and diverse country divided in regions; customs, accents, even the cuisine and the way of life vary greatly from one to another. Most students seeking an internship in Germany, however, usually opt for main cities like Berlin, Hamburg, or Munich, where you can enjoy a cosmopolitan environment.

Monuments and places of interest

Germany’s recent history makes it a lively and modern historical location—it is easy to find traces of the 19th-century wars when you walk through the streets of Berlin. However, Germany is much more than war stories: Germany has highlighted places of interest, like the Brandenburg Gate or the Reichstag, and also natural parks full of local fauna and flora.


Deutsch or German: this is the language spoken in Germany—a language with deep European roots, which has survived time thanks to the courage and pride of its people. The Germans, besides being a cultured society that admires art, science, and literature, also accept English as a commonly spoken language.


The climate in Germany, one could say, is moderate and windy. By having regions both by the sea and in the interior, Germany´s climate appears diverse; but ultimately, quite cold in the winter, and relatively hot in the summer. Still, although not your usual beach destination, Germany´s nature could dazzle anyone and deserves to be seen.

Traditional festivals

The day of the Unification of Germany is commemorated every October 3rd; however, its most renowned festival is the famous Oktoberfest held every year between mid-September and early October—a beer festival that celebrates family, friendship, music, fun, and above all, during which you can enjoy a good pitcher of Marsen, a type of beer bearing this name due to its production in March.

Information about internships in Germany

Internships in hotels – Environment

Tourism in Germany has a strong local presence throughout its territory: the Germans like to know their country, and therefore their hotels and places of interest usually require a fairly high level of German. So, with German not being a widely studied language, this situation creates an additional difficulty for students from elsewhere who want to do their internships in Germany.

Internships in hotels – Departments

Hotel internships that we organise in Germany are normally related to the front office or public relations, but there are also internships in booking, commercial, quality, and events departments, as well as in the kitchen and the food & beverage area. Most of our partner hotels offer accommodation, board, and remuneration.

Internships in companies – Environment

In Germany, we tend to organise internships in logistics companies, business and consulting companies, agencies, shops, international companies and SMEs, start-ups and big brands, almost always in Berlin, and usually with an international orientation and good experiences with students. We also collaborate with companies in Hamburg and Munich where a lot of other students do their internships.

Internships in companies – Departments

In-company internships that we organise in Germany are usually in areas related to marketing, international trade, human resources, finance, sales, administration, on-line processes: it is really difficult to list all the areas because there are so many of them.

Required documents

In the majority of cases, in order to do an internship in Germany it will be necessary to present a document signed by your centre of studies, confirming that the placement is a compulsory part of your studies, required to get your degree / diploma. Some of the companies will require an additional medical insurance covering the intern.

Process in general

To find an internship in Germany through IES Consulting you must register your profile and apply for an offer, accept the terms and conditions of our service, pass a series of interviews, and eventually, if you get a favourable answer, pay the fee for the service provided, and finally follow our instructions to prepare the documentation.

Opinions about IES Consulting Germany

FAQs about Internships in Germany

Why do an internship in Germany?

Germany is a country that emphasizes professional life and professionalism. An internship abroad in Germany offers you great opportunities to develop new skills in large companies.

How much is the compensation of an internship in Germany?

The amount of compensation depends on several factors: the length of the internship, the type of internship (compulsory or not), the city where the internship takes place and, of course, the company and its sector.

When should I apply for an internship in Germany?

In Germany, hiring periods for internships are scheduled 6 months in advance.

Internship in Germany

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