Internships in France : Paris, Lyon or Côte d'Azur

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Why do an internship in France

People and society

With nearly 67 million inhabitants, France is one of the biggest and most populous countries of the European Union, hence its extensive cultural wealth and social diversity. Nowadays, France is one of the most important and influential nations in the world, and its citizens characterised by diversity and respect for human rights and freedom.

Prominent cities and regions

France is synonymous with its capital, Paris; however, this country has also got other reputable places that are of great interest for those seeking an internship experience: the French Riviera, Lyon, Marseille, and Bordeaux are regions and cities that, among others, offer plenty to explore.

Monuments and places of interest

To do an internship in France is, therefore, an opportunity to see its plethora of monuments, museums, and treasures. Paintings, music, architecture, and many other forms of art so characteristic of France invite us to come and see famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre Palace: a must-see.


“The language of the Republic is French,” so its says in its constitution, and so it is. In France, French is spoken, valued, preserved, and admired, but at the same time, the reality of regional languages like Corsican, Catalan or Occitan is also respected. An interesting fact is that France is the country where more students learn Spanish than anywhere else in Europe, except for Spain of course.


Diverse—that would be the key word to define the climate in France. Of course, the temperature will depend on what season your internship is in; therefore, it is important to determine where you´ll be, because the cliffs of Normandy, the eastern Alps, the beaches of Corsica, or fields of Provence are natural treasures, each for a diffrenet taste.

Traditional festivals

On July 14th the most prominent national holiday in France is celebrated—the Storming of the Bastille—the fact that has given the libertarian character to its people after the famous French Revolution that marked an era and, largely, the ideals of modern society, with the famous battle cry: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!” Of course, each region has plenty of local festivals, especially in the summer and during the Christmas time.

Information about internships in France

Internships in hotels – Environment

Most of the hotel internships we organise in France are in the beautiful region of the Côte d’Azur in the south of France—the famous French Riviera. So the areas of Saint Tropez or Cannes are the regions that we know well and where most students usually do their internships, although Bordeaux or French Basque country also count of course.

Internships in hotels – Departments

Hotel internships that we coordinate are normally related to the front office or public relations, but there are also internships in booking, commercial, quality, and events departments. Internships in the kitchen and the food & beverage area are very attractive for students of Hospitality Management. Most of our partner hotels offer accommodation, board, and remuneration.

Internships in companies – Environment

In France, we tend to organise internships in logistics companies, business and consulting companies, agencies, shops, international companies and SMEs, start-ups and big brands, almost always in Paris, and usually with an international orientation and good experiences with students. We also collaborate with companies in Nantes and Grenoble where a lot of other students do their internships.

Internships in companies – Departments

In-company placements that we organise in France are usually in areas related to marketing, international trade, human resources, finance, sales, administration, on-line processes: it is really difficult to list all the areas because there are so many of them.

Required documents

To do an internship in France it is essential to have an internship / placement agreement which describes the details of this training experience, and needs to be signed by an academic institution, you, and the host company. Some of the companies also require a general insurance covering the intern.

Process in general

To find an internship in France through IES Consulting you must register your profile and apply for an offer, accept the terms and conditions of our service, pass a series of interviews, and eventually, if you get a favourable answer, pay the fee for the service provided, and finally follow our instructions to prepare the documentation.

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FAQs about Internships in France

Are internship agreements mandatory for an internship in France?

Yes, to do an internship in France, agreements are mandatory. They must be signed by the student, the school or training institution and of course the host company.

Are internships paid in France?

In France, the law requires that all internships be paid as soon as they last more than 44 days, with a minimum hourly rate of 3.19€.

What kind of visa is required to do an internship in France?

European citizens do not need a visa. If you are not European, and your internship lasts less than 90 days, you will need a short-term visa, and more than 90 days, a long-stay student visa.

Internship in France

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