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Why do an internship in Mexico

People and society

There are many, many people in Mexico—about 120 million, which is almost triple of Spain´s population, and double of France´s. A society rich in beliefs, culture, gastronomy, and history, devoted to its roots, and representing one of the most attractive and visited Latin American regions. The Mexicans are friendly and open people.

Prominent cities and regions

Mexico is big, very big and diverse, it has beaches, deserts, mountains, big cities and small towns, Mexico has Native American ruins and natural secrets, treasures and relics. Of course, the highlights are its capital, Mexico City, and the Caribbean: the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen, where most of students do their internships.

Monuments and places of interest

Mexico is culture, nature, food, people, spices and tortillas, it is Aztecs and deserts. Well, it would take a whole book to list all its places of interest; however, we dare say that if you are lucky enough to do an internship in Mexico you should visit the region of Playa del Carmen, Mexico City, and Puebla; destinations are not lacking.


All Mexico speaks Spanish, this is a well-known truth; however, it is very interesting that there are many regions with strong indigenous heritage of the Aztecs, Toltecs, and other tribes, where even prehispanic (precolonial) languages are spoken. In addition, in regions of international tourism as the Riviera Maya, English is also widely used.


Sun, sun… and sun. In Mexico it is sunny almost all year round and, as a result, it is considered a tourist destination to explore at any time without distinction; there is good weather in August as well as in January. For this reason it is possible to do an internship in one of the Mexican hotels during any season since they are always open.

Traditional festivals

On September 16th, 1810, Mexico gained independence from Spain, and changed their status from colony to independent state. This day is the national holiday known as the Grito de Dolores, and it commemorates those who fought for freedom. Another popular festival is the Día de los Muertos, every November 1st, when people celebrate their deceased loved ones with masks, skulls, food, and lots of color.

Information about internships in Mexico

Internships in hotels – Environment

Doing a internship in a hotel in Mexico through IES Consulting is synonymous with doing it in the beautiful Riviera Maya, as we collaborate especially with large hotel chains in this region, mostly 5-star hotels in Playa del Carmen. This way we ensure that the environment is safe and that it facilitates learning.

Internships in hotels – Departments

Hotel internships that we coordinate in Mexico and the Riviera Maya are normally related to the front office or public relations, but there are also, although fewer, internships in booking, commercial department, hotel administration, or in the kitchen and the food & beverage area. All hotels offer accommodation and board.

Internships in companies – Environment

Most of the companies we collaborate with in Mexico belong to the hospitality industry, and are based in the Caribbean; Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya, and always offer accommodation and board—all this with the goal of providing a safe and enjoyable stay for interns.

Internships in companies – Departments

In companies with which we collaborate in Mexico, internships are usually related to tourism. Thus, interns are placed in departments such as booking, events, customer service, or business development.

Required documents

To do an internship in Mexico through IES Consulting it is essential to prepare the documentation required by the Mexican law. These documents are: an internship agreement signed by the hotel, the university, and you; passport; and international travel insurance. Usually no visa is required if certain conditions of duration and origin are met.

Process in general

To find an internship in Mexico through IES Consulting you must register your profile and apply for an offer, accept the terms and conditions of our service, pass a series of interviews, and eventually, if you get a favourable answer, pay the fee for the service provided, and finally follow our instructions to prepare the documentation.

Opinions about IES Consulting Mexico

FAQs about Internships in Mexico

Why do an internship in Mexico?

Mexico is an attractive country because of its culture, heritage and quality of life. An internship in this country also allows you to combine a new professional experience abroad and to discover this incredible country.

What visa is required for an internship in Mexico?

Members of the Schengen Area do not need a visa for an unpaid internship in Mexico of less than 180 days. If your internship is paid, you will need a visa (Working Holiday Permit, long stay visa…).

In which cities should I do an internship in Mexico?

Depending on your field of work, you can do your internship in many cities: Mexico City, Guanajuato, Cancun and other cities or resorts with high tourist appeal…

Internship in Mexico

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