Internship in Marketing Internship in Sicily in Agrigento

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Internship offer in Marketing, communication and social networks in Agrigento

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

This company was officially founded in 2019. It is a dynamic social promotion association driven by a passionate group of young individuals. They primary focus is on the social and cultural rebirth of their city, in Sicilia.

Through their projects, they actively contribute to the renaissance of their city. They also prioritize well-being and growth for their interns. They go the extra mile to provide a supportive and enriching environment, offering various resources and initiatives to ensure their succes and development.

As an intern you will work on projects that contribute to Agrigento’s transformation through creative and innovative initiatives. You will have mentorship and guidance from supervisors with experience in community development and social entrepreneurship, and you will have a flexible work environment. You’ll also be immersed in other culture where you can experience diverse perspectives and ideas within a dynamic and inclusive environment and build connections. They are committed to fostering a culture of growth, learning, and collaboration; therefore they believe in providing meaningful experiences that contribute to both the professional and personal development of our interns. They also help our interns finding a house, with moving and we promote cultural gatherings and exchange between Erasmus students

About the accomodation : They prioritize the well-being , including finding them the accomodation by meting the interns’ needs

About the transport : From the moment you’ll land in Sicily until your departure, they will be dedicated to ensuring you the convenient transportation throughout your stay.

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Internship tasks:

Your missions : 

  • Marketing (social media, SEO, analysis of market…)
  • Partner search
  • Maintaining relations with existing partners
  • Defining search strategies for new partners
  • Cooperation in personnel selection and cooperation in the management of existing projects
  • Help in defining future projects
  • Help in the management and implementation of communication and publicity campaigns.


Requirements for the applicant:


Marketing, Administration, Trade or similar

Required languages

English – B2

Desired experience

Not necessary

IT skills

Other requirements

Ability to work as part of a team – Professional and commercial attitude – Communication skills

Important information




No salary, they help finding accomodation

Working hours

Monday to Friday

40h per week

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Download the internship offer

Send us your CV and prepare for the initial interview

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