Internship in Sales assistant, operations & logistics in international company in Terrasa

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Internship offer in Business, finance and HR in Terrasa

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

This company designs, builds and commercialises waterproof products. They have create a new waterproof system for Smartphones, which allows you to take underwater photos and videos with no depth limit!

To enjoy the waterproof system they offer, you need to use the machines they have designed, produced and commercialised themselves. What’s more, the functionalities of the phone such as the touch screen, internet and camera won’t be affected. 

They are an innovative company who work with a number of waterparks, luxury hotels, marinas and more to provide them with their machines that make products waterproof. They work with the objective to allow their clients enjoy their time in the water with no worries. You will work in a young and proactive team, providing support to various departments. 

They currently working on expaniding internationally and are lookign for interns to support them the internationalisation by contacting new clients, managing accounts and supporting every day opertations. 

They are located in the outskirts of Barcelona. However, their offices are near bus and train stations and they also offer a pick up service from the center of Barcelona.

Internship tasks:

Your main tasks will be:
Human Resources
  • Build our summer team of sales promoters in Italy. You will have to search, interview and select sales promoters through indeed for each water park in which we are present. We will help you throughout the process!
Sales productivity
  • Be in charge of the entire Italian sales team. You will be the communication bridge between us and them.
  • Enter, analyze and evaluate the daily sales tracking of each sales promoter.
  • Keep the report of hours worked for each sales promoter and keep track of rest days. 
  • Lead, motivate and encourage the productivity of each and every one of the promoters in charge.
  • Make weekly virtual meetings with the team of Italian promoters.
  • Help and solve all kinds doubts that sales promoters may have.
  • Ensure all promoters reach the sales objective.

Requirements for the applicant:


It would be valued if the candidate had studies in marketing, business, events or anything similar.

Required languages

Italian – C2
Spanish – C1
English – Appreciated

Desired experience

Not required but valued.

IT skills

Windows and Office Pack, Excel

Other requirements

Communication skills both written and oral. Mathematics. Knowledge of the product, creativity, persistent and flexible.

Important information




750€ / month + bonus extra for objectives

Working hours

Monday to Friday

8 hours a day

Send us your CV and prepare for the initial interview

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