Internship in Customer Management, Community Manager and E-Marketing in Barcelona

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Internship offer in Customer service, PR, and events in Barcelona

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

Located in the centre of Barcelona, this company has found a link between real estate and tourism in this beautiful hostoric city: tourist apartments for visitors from across Europe and the world, a growing sector of great interest to interns.

In this organisation, and for years, many students have been fortunate enough to have their training experiences in booking management, customer service and even digital marketing or corporate communication, during which they have managed to improve their direct contact skills in the world of social networks, and even improve their language skills.

Internships are paid, and the work schedule is 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. They take place both in the offices of central Barcelona, and in tourist apartments when, for example, there is a need to accompany customers during the check-in or check-out.

Internship tasks:

The offer of paid internship in Barcelona of customer service and marketing in this company dedicated to the rental of apartments for tourists seeks a person sympathetic, with the desire to learn and improve their communication skills and organizational,

The purpose of the internship is to provide assistance to the company’s managers in front of tourists and customers either to inform them, send promotional information, make reservations, receive them and find the apartment of rent or pick up the keys when they have finished their stay.

The main tasks are:

  • Communicate with customers and potential customers, in several languages, to provide them with information or to answer their questions about rental apartments.
  • Update and post reservations.
  • Coordinate, under the supervision of the head of área, the arrivals and departures of tourists: Check in and Check out.
  • Receive tourists in the apartments upon arrival,
  • Farewell tourists to the apartments at the end of their stay and make sure the apartment is in good condition or inform the company of a possible damage.
  • Send promotional information via marketing.
  • Maintain a close-up with the guests during their stay to promote their experience and increase their loyalty.
  • Create and update content on the Internet and Social Networks through the publication of artíass, for example, in the blog.

Work hours are 5 days a week, 8 hours a week: That is, the student may work some weekends and, for example, have free on Monday and Tuesday, or the miércoles and Thursday : The assignment of work work costs depends on the arrivals of tourists.

Requirements for the applicant:


Marketing, tourism, commerce, digital marketing, ecommerce

Required languages

Spanish – B1
English – B1

Desired experience

Experiences in direct contact with clients, in hotels, in real estate or real-state are valued

IT skills

Office knowledge is valued: Excel, Word + Gmail, Google Docs, Google Dive, Internet

Other requirements

A friendly, cheerful, flexible personality and good customer orientation are valued

Important information




Between 300 and 500 euros (fixed more targets)

Working hours

5 days a week

8 hours a day on continuous days or games

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Download the internship offer

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