Internship in Asistente de eventos y relacion con clientes en gran cadena hotelera in Barcelona

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Internship offer in Customer service, PR, and events in Barcelona

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

This Hotel 4 * is located just minutes away from the wonderful city of Barcelona, recognised internationally for being one of the main tourist cities of Europe. Connected to the city center by a variety of trains, metro, and buses, the hotel offers guests a friendly and close treatment, and these brand values are taught to their interns.

To facilitate the students´ experience this hotel offers shared accommodation within its premises, and 3 meals daily in the staff cantine. It also offers monthly financial aid.

The group that owns this hotel has been collaborating with us since 2010, and is recognised throughout the European Union by providing its students with excellent training in the departments such as front office, booking, events, management, food¬beverage and as Assistant Director.

Its team is multicultural and its main customers are business representatives and families of Spanish and French origin. Given the characteristics of the internship, the student will be immersed in the Spanish culture and thus will be able to improve their level of language, and have a quality experience in the world of tourism.

Internship tasks:

  • Relación con clientes (meetings, follow up calls and mailings)
  • Resolución de incidencias con clientes.
  • Supervisar y ejecutar eventos satisfactorios y sin problemas
    Gestion de proyectos
  • Establecer, comunicar y mantener plazos y prioridades en cada proyecto.
  • Gestión y Control de Presupuestos (calendario de pagos de clientes, proveedores, etc.)
  • Propuestas de Ideas y Creatividad
  • Inspecciones del sitio y relación con el proveedor
  • Tareas administrativas
  • Reuniones semanales con el Director de Eventos para seguimiento, ajuste de recursos, etc.

Requirements for the applicant:


Turismo, comunicación, business management o relacionados

Required languages

Spanish – B2
Catalan – Appreciated
English – B2

Desired experience

Sería un plus

IT skills

Será un plus

Other requirements

Una persona sociable y activa con ganas de aprender y desarrollar sus conocimientos.

Important information




270€ – 235€ B/m


Working hours

lunes a domingo (rotativos),5 días a la semana y 2 libres.

8 horas al día

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Download the internship offer

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