Internship in Community Manager in an eCommerce design and fashion company in Barcelona

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Internship offer in Marketing, communication and social networks in Barcelona

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

This Start up in the textile and fabric sector with exclusive cutting edge designs from the latest trends in the fashion world. The office is located in the heart of Barcelona, only a 15 minute metro ride from the Sagrada Familia; they are looking for talented and motivated students who are passionate about the world of fashion. 

The most impressive thing about the organisation is the speed with which it has grown within the sector, it’s growth has been exponential thanks to it’s eye catching urban designs and the focus on the tailoring and quality of the materials. 

The company is offering an intership for students with a background in marketing, business management or similair, for 4-6 months, someone who has a high level of Spanish and English. The internship could be either part time or full time.

Internship tasks:

If you are passionate about the world of fashion, don’t hesitate to apply! Become part of this multicultural and innovative team! 

In this internship you will be able to put into practice all of your knowledge of marketing and design. Tasks include: 

  • Translation of content in English and Spanish. 
  • Use of the company’s platform. 
  • Create new designs and styles. 
  • Use the social media. 
  • Keep informed about the latest tendencies in the world of fashion. 
  • Edit video and content of the company’s products. 
  • Use of programmes such as Photoshop, indesign, illustrator. 
  • Organise publicity campaigns. 
  • Contact public figures such as: influencers, singers, youtubers. 
  • Communication with providrs, clients and collaborators. 
  • Communication with other departments of the company. 
  • Preparation of content for social media, it should incite interest for the brand.

Requirements for the applicant:


Marketing, communication, business management or similair

Required languages

Spanish – C1
English – B2

Desired experience

Appreciated but not necessary

IT skills

knowledge of editing programmes would be highly valued

Other requirements

A student who is dynamic, organised, proactive and motivated, someone who is passionate about the world of fahsion.

Important information




200€ -300€ net /month

Working hours

Monday to Friday

5-8 hours a day

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Download the internship offer

Send us your CV and prepare for the initial interview

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