Internship in Kitchen in a metropolitan hotel restaurant in Madrid

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Internship offer in Restaurants and kitchen in Madrid

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

The company that offers this placement is a hotel group with establishments in various parts of Spain, such as the Balearic Islands or Madrid. Those hotels are renovated, and their personnel is used to training international interns.

Hotels belonging to this group offer placements in marketing, front office, food & beverage, kitchen, HR, and also hotel management. All of them according to a special training model, and accompanied by a tutor, usually the head of the department.

The internships in hotels in the Balearic Islands, such as Menorca, goes from April to the end of October each year during the sun and beach season.

All hotels have a work schedule of 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Of course the schedule starts at a different time depending on the department.

All hotels on the islands offer free accommodation, meals and a monthly salary. The rooms can be inside or outside the hotel, in apartments nearby, and always shared by two or three interns.

The hotel in Madrid, since it’s in an urban setting, offers meals and remuneration, but not the accommodations, as it is quite easy to find a shared flat in the capital with other students, the average per room can be between 300€ 400/month.

Internship tasks:

This restaurant internship will take place in a hotel in Madrid, and the student will have the following tasks:

  • Attend the tables and take the command.
  • It offers a nice and friendly treatment to diners.
  • Assist in the cleaning and organization of tables before and after each service.
  • Pick up the dishes, tablecloths and others after each service.
  • Help with possible incidents or accidents, also with complaints and claims in an agile and friendly way.
  • Collaborate as a team and respect the rules of etiquette and presentation.
  • Cutting and elaboration of sausage and fruit tables
  • Preparing for breakfast the next day Preparation of sandwiches and packaging
  • Preparation of salads, desserts, snacks and snacks
  • Staff food processing Assembly and disassembly of buffet and The Green Punctual aids in the washing train itself as the rest of the facilities

Requirements for the applicant:


Tourism, Languages, Communication, International Relations

Required languages

Spanish – Appreciated
English – Appreciated

Desired experience

Valued experience in customer service or in restaurants

IT skills

MS Office, Internet

Other requirements

Valued good knowledge of Spanish and English

Important information




€ 500 / month


Working hours

Monday to Sunday (5 days a week; 2 days off a week)

Rotating shifts 8 hours a day 6:00 – 14:00

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