Internship in Service Assistant in a luxury Michelin star Restaurant in Valencia

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Internship offer in Restaurants and kitchen in Valencia

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

This is a group of luxury restaurants, they have 4 prestigious restaurants in the beautiful city of Valencia, surrounded my exotic gastronomy and beautiful landscapes and islands, one of their restaurants even has 2 Michelin stars.

What stands out most about this chain of restaurants would be the large variety of dishes and food offered in their different locations. From one restaurant which offers tapas with an international twist, to another that is focused on paella and grilled food, their also a themed Gastrobar.

The company offers an internship as waiters, cooks and customer service specialists. They are looking for talented and passionate students who are passionate about the world of gastronomy, this is so that they can develop their knowledge and make the most of their internship. 

The students who have the privilege of being accepted will be located in one of their 4 restaurants (depending on the availability of each restaurant). The students will be offered accomodation in a shared flat along with other students which is located just 5 minute from the restaurants. Students will also receive meals whilst working. 

Those who wish to apply should have knowledge of thesector and have a medium-high level of English and Spanish seeing as the team is international and many of the customers are tourists. 

Internship tasks:

Become part of this luxury restaurant group. The company offers students the chance to do an internship in a range of sectors. 

All oftheir restaurants are classed as being some of the best in Valencia, for this reason there will be constant supervision throughout their internship. 

Students will assist in the following tasks: 

  • Help during the service of lunch and dinner. 
  • Organisation and cleaning of the restaurant and associated areas. 
  • Customer Service. Whether that be taking orderts or drinks, as well as collecting plates. 
  • Help to resolve incidents in the room, making sure to keep everything neat and tidy. 
  • Offer clients recommendations and alternatives.
  • Communicate in different languages.
  • Organisation of the tables, cutlery, glasses and bars before, during and after service in the restaurant. 
  • Offer advice and explain the specials to the customers. 
  • Help at the entrance of the restaurant by organising the customers.

Requirements for the applicant:


Gastronomy, Hospitality or Similair

Required languages

Spanish – B1
English – B2

Desired experience

Appreciated but not necessary

IT skills

not required

Other requirements

a social and active person who wants to learn and develop their knowledge

Important information





Lodging and Meals

Working hours

Monday to Saturday (free on Tuesday and Sunday)

8 hours a day

Send us your CV and prepare for the initial interview

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