Internship in Kitchen assistant in a 5-star hotel in Costa Brava

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Internship offer in Restaurants and kitchen in Costa Brava

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

5-star hotel where this internships will take place is itself a source of pride of the Catalan Costa Brava region: we are talking about one of the most representative hotels at the coast where many students have done their internships in the last years, with great success.

Every summer, year after year, many students from around the world are fortunate to do their internships in Spain at the reception thanks to the affinity that this company has in offering learning experiences through grants such as Erasmus +. They also often have interns in events, in the restaurant, in the kitchen; public relations internships are also very popular in this hotel.

This famous 5-star hotel stands out not only because of its magnificent facilities, their views of the Mediterranean, or its always attentive staff. It is also a company that is emblematic of the region and one of the most enriching platforms for those students who intend to do an internship in Spain in the hotel industry at the highest level.

Internships are paid and also include accommodation and meals. It is worth mentioning that by accepting several students at the same time the training experience is much more enriching because students from all over Europe and the world share their experience with each other.

Internship tasks:

This kitchen internship will take place in the majestic 5-star hotel in Costa Brava, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The student will be trained by a renowned chef and kitchen manager.

The main tasks of this internship will be:

  • learning and performing the most common kitchen tasks: washing, cutting, preparing, boiling etc.
  • helping prepare th kitchen before and after meals
  • working in different kitchen areas: cold meals, fish, salads, desserts
  • helping store fresh products, legumes, canned food etc.
  • learning various recipes: Mediterranean, local, international cuisine

Requirements for the applicant:


Gastronomy, Hospitality, Nutrition, Tourism etc.

Required languages

Desired experience

Valued experience in the kitchen, in restaurants, bars and hotels

IT skills

Not required

Other requirements

The student needs to be able to understand basic commands in Spanish or English (or speak at least one of them well)

Important information


Costa BravaCosta BravaSpain17248


€ 250 / month

Lodging and Meals

Working hours

5 days a week

8 hours a day during meals: breakfast, lunch and/or dinner

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