Internship in English teacher´s assistant in Valencia (alrededores)

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Internship offer in Teaching and learning in Valencia (alrededores)

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

This language school is deeply rooted in the territory of Valencia, Spain\’s third largest city (in size and importance) and one of the major tourist destinations of the country. If you’re looking for a teaching placement aborad, this is your chance. 

Valencia is a cozy, authentic, warm city, where tourists and expats feel welcome. We have been working with them since 2014, and the experiences of all interns have been fantastic. The team will welcome you as if you were one of them already, offering support in finding a flat, advising you during time prior to arrival, making you participate in the decisión-making about which of the four schools you will work in… Yes! This company manages four different schools, all located in Valencia and its surroundings.

They are growing fast, and they also have Schools in the beautiful Sevilla and the historic Castellón.

Although the UK has just announced Brexit, the English language will never cease to be a fundamental requirement to travel, meet people from other countries and cultures, and to grow as an expert in any sector or area. Indeed, the company is experiencing strong growth, thanks to their open and flexible method of teaching based on customer needs. And they not only offer English courses; they are expanding the offer with classes of Italian, French, German and Chinese. It is also why they are not closed to the possibility of hiring you after the internship, depending on your development and possibilities. What are you waiting for?

Internship tasks:

You´ll participate in English classes as a native teacher´s assistant. Classes are versatile and can be focused on listening, grammar, speaking, or preparation for official Cambridge exams. You´ll prepare those classes together with the teaching team. You´ll also give  conversation classess to clients, including debates about current topics, using audio and other media. Depending on the school´s and your tutor´s needs, you´ll also be able to participate in other tasks like administration or marketig, such as: translations, content management for the website and/or blogs, social media management, digital communication, front office etc.

  • Prepare and create class material;
  • Know and know how to explain the didactic content to the students, using textbooks, conversation, games etc. with the help of the tutor;
  • Tutor and help students individually or in small groups to solve their doubts and enhance their knowledge;
  • Correct exams and exercices with a template and pass the results to the school´s database;
  • Plan, prepare and develop lists of handout material, graphs and tables for teaching;
  • Practise teaching during individual classes or in small groups.

Requirements for the applicant:


Pedagogy, Languages, Sociology

Required languages

English – C2
Spanish – A2

Desired experience

Not required

IT skills

Internet, MS Office

Other requirements

Kind and patient with clients, listening skills, capacity to focus the pupils´ attention during class

Important information


Valencia (alrededores)Valencia (alrededores)Spain46980



Working hours

Monday to Friday

8 hours a day

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Download the internship offer

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