Internship in Child educator and kindergarten teacher in Barcelona

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Internship offer in Teaching and learning in Barcelona

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

It is a children´s school located in the city of Barcelona which, after years of experience, gives families an educational offer that understands the desires and needs of parents, while satisfying and enhancing the skills and learning of children.

In their facilities they usually have administration interns who help run the centre. Also, of course, teaching internships are carried out—the interns take care of children and organise fun learning activities. There are even internships in nutrition and cooking where students collaborate in the preparation of the menus that must always be balanced and delicious.

Internships are paid, and you work from nine to five, with an hour break at midday. What is noteworthy, we´re talking about an educational institution, an organisation that facilitates learning; therefore, it is expected that interns who are fortunate enough to be part of the team will also get to enjoy a dynamic learning experience.

Internship tasks:

This teaching internship in Barcelona seeks a student who wants to help teachers and educators of children in a kindergarten by means of pedagogical actions, care and maintenance of children.

The most important tasks of this kindergarten internship are:

  • Help in the care and hygiene of the children by keeping them neat and teaching them good habits of personal care.
  • Content Creation;
  • Enghlish Lessons;
  • Development of didactic activities that allow children to learn their own knowledge of their age and develop their natural and social skills.
  • Be sure to prepare the material needed for the activities.
  • Organize spaces where activitiescan be made safe and suitable for children.
  • Organize meals and help in the allocation of rations and diets.
  • Follow the action guidelines and, additionally, have initiative and common sense to respond to unexpected situations in a resolutive way; for example, in case of an accident or if a child shows signs of illness.

Requirements for the applicant:


Teaching, Languages, Education, Psychology

Required languages

Spanish – B1
English – C1

Desired experience

Previous experience with children as teacher, educator, animator, caregiver, etc. is appreciated

IT skills

not required

Other requirements

Looking for someone orientated to teaching, caring for children and with excellent communication skills

Important information




800 euros/m ( full time) breakfast + lunch

Working hours

Monday to Friday

Flexible 20/40 hours per week

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