Internship in Animation in a hotel resort in Costa Dorada

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Internship offer in Tourism, reception and animation in Costa Dorada

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

Outstanding 4-star hotel belonging to one of the most prestigious and important business groups dedicated to leisure and entertainment in the region of Catalunya: located on the Costa Dorada, near Tarragona and Barcelona, has been the internship destination of many students for years.

This hotel has an international clientele, which allows its interns to use foreign languages and constantly improve their communication skills. The most popular internships in this hotel are at the reception, in public relations, and in food & beverage, both in the restaurant and in the kitchen or bar.

Internships at this hotel are paid, and additionally accommodation and meals are offered to all interns of the resort: each student is entitled to three meals a day at the staff cantine. They also provide uniforms as corporate identity is fundamental to this great company.

Internship tasks:

This animation internship offer is for an energetic, dynamic student with an interest for the hostel world and entertainment activities. We’re looking for someone who’d like to be active part of a team who organise dances, theatre plays, games, kayaking, and other hotel activities.

The most important tasks of this animation internship are:

  • Help with planning and organising animation department activities such as theatre plays, musicals and games
  • Collaborate in publishing the activity calendar in the hotel lobby
  • Participate during the implementation of animation activities: dancing in the musicals, acting in theatre plays, and playing in sports competitions
  • Invite children and adolescents to participate in animation activities
  • Pay special attention during activities that involve small children
  • Maintain the areas used for animation activities always in order
  • Make sure to have sufficient material for organising the activities

Requirements for the applicant:


Animation, Tourism, foreign languages, Communication, International Relations etc.

Required languages

English – B1

Desired experience

Valued experience in entertainment or events

IT skills

Not requiered

Other requirements

Valued skills in other languages such as Spanish, French or German

Important information


Costa DoradaCosta DoradaSpain43860


€350 / month

Lodging and Meals

Working hours

5 days a week

8 hours a day in continuous or split shifts

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