Internship in Receptionist in 5*hotel in Toledo

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Internship offer in Tourism, reception and animation in Toledo

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

This beautiful luxury hotel is the only 5 Star Hotel in the 5 Stars GL in Spain located in a beautiful 600 hectare property, very close to Madrid and with a restaurant that has 1 Michelin Star and 2 Suns from the Repsol Guide.

This 5-star hotel is an outstanding destination for students looking for getting to know the luxury hotel world: reception, cooking and restaurant internships are the most popular.

The Hotel has its own vegetable garden and a small farm, which makes many of the products that can be enjoyed both for breakfast and for other meals that are totally natural and fresh. They offer to their clients not only accommodation, but there is the option for business meetings, weddings, events and all types of celebrations. 

The internships are paid and also include private accommodation in the Hotel and three meals of the day.

Internship tasks:

During this internship, the student who is part of the reception team will assist in the following tasks:

  • Welcoming new guests, informing them about the hotel structure and promoting the SPA services.
  • Registering the check-in and assigning the room to the new guests.
  • Offering general information about tourist attractions of the region.
  • Ensuring that all outgoing customers have their current payments and registering the check-out.
  • Updating occupancy and availability of rooms in the database.
  • Taking care of taking incoming calls and sending them to the right person or room.
  • Solving questions, complaints or incidents.
  • Keeping the reception in perfect condition: clean and beautiful.
  • Informing about requests for changing rooms.

The intern must bring: 

Black jacket.
White shirt.
Black pants.
Closed black shoe

Requirements for the applicant:


Tourism, Languages, Administration or similar

Required languages

Spanish – C1
English – B1

Desired experience

Not required

IT skills

Internet, MS Office

Other requirements

Excellent communication skills

Important information




150€/month (to receive at the end of the internship)

Lodging and Meals

Working hours

From Monday to Sunday, 5 days per week with 2 days off

8 hours per day

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Download the internship offer

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