Internship in Animation and tourism in a hotel resort in Costa Brava

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Internship offer in Tourism, reception and animation in Costa Brava

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

We are not talking about just a hotel but a whole hotel chain with a strong presence in Spain and its various territories: from the golden beaches in the Mediterranean to the cold mountains—Pyrenees, splendid hotels where for years students have done their internships. 

All their hotels offer paid internships, accommodation and meals. For many years now, most internships have been done at the front office, but also animation positions are usually offered in the summer, as well as in the kitchen and restaurant.

Their mountain hotels are a good offer for fans of winter sports, making it a perfect alternative for ski or snowboard lovers; the beach hotels, by the sea, are the destination of tourists in the summer. A common point, however, is their cuisine which blends regional and international food.

Internship tasks:

This animation internship is for a dynamic, energetic student interested in tourism and willing to be part of a team that organises activities, musicals, and games in the hotel for guests of all ages.

The most important tasks of this animation internship are:

  • help in planning of the animation team activities such as mudicals, theatre plays, games, tournaments, and activities with children
  • collaborate during the development of those activities
  • learn ang know the choreographies and scripts of the theatre plays and musicals
  • invite hotel guests to participate in the animation group´s activities
  • publish (weekly) all activities on the events board, with the day and time
  • pay special attention to act according to the safety regulations during activities with children and adolescents

Requirements for the applicant:


Animation, Tourism, foreign languages, Communication, International Relations etc.

Required languages

Spanish – A2

Desired experience

Valued experience in animation, tourism or sports

IT skills

Not requiered

Other requirements

Except for intermediate Spanish, knowledge of English or French will be valued

Important information


Costa BravaCosta BravaSpain17310


€ 200 / month

Lodging and Meals

Working hours

5 days a week

8 hours a day in continuous or split shifts

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Download the internship offer

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