Internship in Animator / Entertainer in a 5-star hotel in Costa del Sol

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Internship offer in Tourism, reception and animation in Costa del Sol

Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

Do you want to be a hospitality expert, a receptionist, an entertainer, a waiter? Or maybe you´re looking to train yourself in purchasing, or sales, or digital marketing? Or do you want to become a hotel manager? This international hotel group offers internships in all these areas!

With more than 35 destinations in Europe and the Caribbean, and more than 50 structures such as hotels and aparthotels, this French hotel chain is a colossus of the sector. We have been collaborating with them since 2010, providing phenomenal experiences to the candidates, both for operational internships in hotels, as well as administrative or management internships, both in hotels (located in the Costa Brava, Costa dorada, Costa Blanca, Costa Calida, Costa del Sol…) and in the central offices located in Barcelona, Malaga and Benidorm.

If you get an internship in a hotel, you will be offered a monthly financial aid, apart from a bed in a shared room and the 3 meals each day during your stay, or free use of the kitchen if it were an apartment. They will also give you free access to a washing machine. If you get an internship in the central offices you will always have remuneration, without accommodation. The shifts are rotating, as in every hotel in the world, but you will work a maximum of 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, with 2 consecutive days off. In the offices you will work the same number of hours but from Monday to Friday. What are you waiting for? Start your career in the hospitality industry!

Internship tasks:

In the Animation department the student will help the team prepare and execute sports, recreation and entertainment activities with children and adults

The Animation team is responsible for many different activities: zumba, fitness, aquagym, dancing, archery, magic, DJ´ing, video games, table tennis, and night shows and activities.

Moreover, for children and adolescents, the hotel has a place to listen to music, dance, act as DJ´s, surf the internet and play videogames.

Requirements for the applicant:


Tourism, Hospitality, International Business, Applied Linguistics etc.

Required languages

English – B1
Spanish – A2

Desired experience

Not required

IT skills

MS Office, Internet

Other requirements

Customer service orientation, passion for tourism and sports

Important information


Costa del SolCosta del SolSpain08007


€ 300 net /month

Lodging and Meals

Working hours

5 days a week, with 2 days off (rotating)

Rotating shifts 8 hours a day

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Download the internship offer

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