Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of candidates for professional internships

The first step is to contact us, and there are various ways to do that. You can register on our website or send us your CV by e-mail. You can also call us to get some information.

Having your personal information and CV will allow us to contact you and conduct the initial interview during which we will explain our process, and get to know your preferences and desired destination.

 We exclusively recruit for internships, not for jobs.

Generally, you´ll need to either be a student, or have obtained your degree recently. You need to have access to an internship agreement that will be signed by your university and, last but not least, you need to have all documents required in the destination country.

The duration of the process varies because it depends on how much time you need to decide if you want to move forward, how many interviews you need to go through, how much time the company needs to decide if they want to accept you, and the time necessary to prepare your internship agreement and get all the signatures on it.

In most cases, from the moment you decide you want to move forward and we present your profile to the company of your interest, the necessary time to get their decision (positive or negative) is usually about a week or two. Then, the preparation of your internship agreement, depending on the university, can take up to four weeks.

In each of the offers you’ll see the description of the company, the position, the tasks and responsibilities, requirements etc. but you’ll not find the name of the company because our goal is to send our partner companies only those profiles that first of all match their requirements.

Only if you pass the necessary interviews (during which you’ll be able to ask about anything) and when you show that you have the right profile, one of our consultants will disclose the company’s name to you. And only then, having the complete set of information, you’ll be asked to decide whether you want us to present your application formally to the company or not, quit the process, or have a look at different offers.

Both. It depends on you, on where you´re at, and where you want to do your internship. Our office is in Barcelona.

Our partner companies agree to do the interviews via phone or Skype if you´re far away and cannot come in person.

After being interviewed by our team, when you know our General Terms of Service and the details of the offer of your choice and the company in question, we advise you to take from 2 to 4 days to think about everything and then decide if you want to be formally presented.

But of course you can take as much time as you need. However, you risk that another candidate will get your dream internship before you.

My Account is an online profile that can only be accessed by candidates who have passed the initial interview with one of our recruiters.

My Account is also an informative space where the candidate has access to the information about legal regulations, our process, and our General Terms of Service, which makes it easier for them to decide if they agree with our methods of work and want to continue the process or not.

The username and password that give you access to My Account can only be obtained after passing the initial interview with one of our recruiters. Only then will you receive an e-mail with the access codes that will allow you to get to know our General Terms of Service in detail.

We offer paid services.

IES Consulting is a private HR consulting company that, since 2005, have been coordinating recruitment processes between students/graduates and companies, with a goal of providing internships in proper conditions. All of this happens thanks to our team of professionals specialising in Psychology, Human Resources Management, and International Trade.

It is important to know that all offers published on our website have been written by our consultants, the same ones who collaborate with only those companies which can prove they can provide necessary conditions for interns. This allows you to have an optimal training experience with a supervision of a tutor.

It´s easy.

Please, read carefully: IES Consulting´s services only require a payment when you´re accepted by the company that you have voluntarily decided to apply to.

The moment when you agree to the obligation of payment arises exactly when you decide to be presented to a company after getting all the details of the offer. When we present your profile to the company, you’re entering the active process and awaiting the company’s decision. If you’re rejected, you won’t need to pay anything.

It’s important that you understand that if you decide to continue the process and you’re accepted, but then change your opinion making us waste all this time and resources, you´ll need to pay a cancellation fee.

If you need more information about the fees, please see Services and fees.

Once we inform you that you´ve been accepted, you´ll have three business days to pay the fee, and therefore reserve the internship in your name.

Accepting the General Terms of Service means that you agree with the conditions of our process and the fees, but it doesn´t necessarily mean that you´ll have to pay them.

Remember that to be obliged to pay, first you’ll need to decide voluntarily that you want to be presented to the company, and obtain a favourable answer from them. The obligation to pay arises only once you´ve obtained the internhip!

Yes, at any moment. Moreover, if you quit the process before deciding to be formally presented to a company, you won´t have to pay anything.

In case you´ve already decided to be presented to a company and they have accepted you, and then you want to quit, you should pay a cancellation fee related to the time and effort we´ve dedicated to your process, and our lost credibility in the eyes of our partner companies.

Yes. You can always get back in touch with us, except if you´ve formerly breached the agreement with us (have not complied with the General Terms of Service).

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Send us your CV and prepare for the initial interview

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