Fees – How much, when, and why?

The process: Find your internship easily

Finding an internship with IES Consulting is very easy and, above all, the registration is free of charge.

After the initial interview, during which we’ll explain our process in detail, you´ll have sufficient information to be able to decide if you want to continue searching for an internship with our help.

Remember, you decide.

If you’re positive about this, we will send your application to the company of your interest—obviously only if you´re a 100% sure that you want to continue the process and when you know both the name of the company and the details of the offer.

When you confirm that you want us to send your application to the company, we’ll schedule a final interview for you directly with the company.

It will be the company manager who’ll decide whether to accept you, and only if their decision is positive, you’ll need to pay the fee —Yes! You’ll only pay if you’re accepted!

Register, it´s free! And pay only when you´re accepted

Paying the fees is an important step, as it allows you to reserve the internship. However, you´ll only have this obligation if you´re accepted as an intern by the company that you voluntarily decided to send your application to.

At IES Consulting we don´t sell internships—on the contrary—we offer recruitment services to companies from various industry sectors, and at the same time we advise students with a goal to help them find placements in good conditions.

You´ll only need to pay the fee if you´re accepted by the company you’ve decided to apply to.

In order to facilitate administrative procedures, and only if you´re accepted, you´ll have three business days to pay the fee easily after receiving the good news. When we get the payment we’ll be able to start gathering the documents (e.g. the the Internship agreement) and signatures on them.

Send us your CV and prepare for the initial interview

Register and open a personal account; it’s free and it will only take a few seconds!

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