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The internship fields indicate the working context, but does not specify either the destination, the company or the position that you would be enrolled in.

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Do an internship abroad!

IES Consulting helps you in finding summer internships and internships abroad, by offering you a wide range of different opportunities, throughout the entire year.

An internship abroad will help you not only to develop your professional knowledge but also to broaden your academic, linguistic and cultural horizons. Find the perfect opportunity for you with IES Consulting and go conquering the word.

A summer internship is awesome to boost your CV. If you are tired of spending your summer holiday always in the same way and you want to get work experience, whilst developing your foreign languages, this is the opportunity for you

Our partners’ internship fields

We have hundreds of partner companies working in several markets and destinations, such as Spain and France.
Check out all our offers and choose the internship field which best suits you!

In the Era of Social Media, in which each person and industry has an online profile, the marketing and communication area is looking for more and more workers every day. If you’re fascinated by digital marketing, social media and technology, you’ll be happy to know that several partner companies are looking for interns to be enrolled in this area.

Are you an analytical thinker? Do you love working with numbers? If you have a background in Economics, Business or Finance then this is the area for you. You will learn about invoices, records, database management, budgets and financial analysis. Send your CV and do a paid internship abroad with one of our partners’ teams.

Companies working in International Trade are more than willing to host interns, who can help growing their business by speaking their mother tongues and dealing with firms in their native Countries. If you are a polyglot, and you want to develop your knowledge in brand campaigns, market analysis and feasibility polls, this is the area for you!

In the Globalization Era, during which international trade is growing more and more, it is crucial for firms to be strong in logistics and supply chain. If you want to do a placement abroad, in a port city such as Barcelona, you’ll be happy to know that a lot of our partner companies will offer internship positions.

Do you want to work in the hospitality area, as a receptionist or a hotel director? Are you interested in foreign languages and customer service? Gain experience in the Tourism industry, through a summer internship, whilst also improving your language skills. Hotels and Resorts are great places to expose yourself to a professional environment

Working in a kitchen requires proper knowledge, but above all passion and experience. If you are a gastronomy lover and you want to broaden your culinary knowledge by learning about international, national and regional cuisines, we have what you’re looking for! Start your future career with us!

Are you an empathetic person with good communication skills? If you have a kind character and you have the skill to make people feel comfortable, a traineeship in customer service and HR may be what you’re looking for. Test and increase your skills with an internship abroad in this field.

In a world where everything can be found on the net, it is very important for a firm, a brand or a product to be well positioned online. Access to information also has to be available on different devices, so that they can be consulted everywhere, at any time and from any device. If you’re interested in technology, SEO and apps, this is the area for you to find your internship abroad.

Communication has been and will continue to be one of the major priorities for international companies. Nowadays it is more and more important to be able to communicate in the most efficient way possible and in several languages. Improve your linguistic skills and expand your vocabulary by doing an internship in translation, in one of our partner companies.

If your aims in life are linked to education, and you enjoy working with with children or learning about psychology, we are happy to inform you that we offer several vacancies in language schools and nurseries. If you want to develop your language skills and like the sound of working in this field, then check out our paid internship offers!

Do you have a background in Engineering and you’re looking for a paid internship abroad? We have what you need to start your professional career. Several partner companies are looking for students or recent graduates who want to learn more about auditing or the development, improvement or renovation of a project

SPAs, wellness, leisure and beauty care industries are booming in recent few years. If your goal is to know more about those fields, by gaining experience in facials, massages, pedicures, manicures, face masks, hair care, skin cleansing, chocolate therapy, aromatherapy and more, we have several internship positions waiting for you!

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FAQs about Internships abroad

Why do an internship abroad?

Doing an internship abroad is a unique opportunity. Indeed, it will allow you to have an additional experience to put on your resume, to see a new culture and to improve your language level, while discovering the sector of activity that interests you.

How do you choose your internship?

First of all, it is important to identify the internship’s mission, it should correspond and be in adequacy with what the student learns in class. You should also try to project yourself in your future professional career and know yourself well to know what you might like or not. Finally, at the time of the interviews, you must feel a certain affinity with the company, because it is essential for an internship of a few months to feel good.

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