Professional Internship in Beauty care and SPAs

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Beauty care and SPAs internship offers

Below you can find general information about the most popular internship offers of this area. To see all published offers, go to the List of available internship offers in beauty shops and SPAs.

SPA reception internship

Like in any hotel or company in general, front office is also a very important department in a SPA. Contact with customers, corporate communication, appointment management, phone calls, and coordinating treatments are just some of the tasks carried out by the reception team. An internship like that will improve your communication skills, and you´ll get to know the business model of a magnificent SPA thoroughly.

Massage and thalasso internship

The wellness, leisure and personal care industry is booming and as such it has become very open to receive interns. It is increasingly popular to find internship offers as a massage therapist in a famous hotel or as an assistant in a thalasso centre of a renowned SPA, so if your goal is to do your internship in any of these areas, make the most of the positions that will strengthen your skills and knowledge of this world.

Beauty treatments internship

Facials, massages, pedicures, manicures, face masks, hair care, skin cleansing, chocolate therapy, aromatherapy, essential oils, body detoxification, thermal circuits… Beauty treatments today are unlimited, and if your goal is to get to know this industry, we invite you to take the plunge and do an internship in any of the SPA centres or hotels with which we collaborate, and who offer those kinds of training.

Information about Beauty care and SPAs internships

Internships at the SPA reception – Environment

The SPA is a place where many types of jobs are found, including the receptionist. The objective of this job is to manage the administrative side of the SPA, make appointments, welcome clients and make them feel comfortable before their treatments. You must have a warm and welcoming personality while being very serious and attentive to the needs of the staff and clients. You must know the world of beauty care and aesthetics in order to answer the slightest questions from clients.

Internships in Massage and thalassotherapy – Environment

The profession of masseur has been growing for several years in the health and beauty sector. It is a job that requires a lot of practice and knowledge (of the human body for example) to be done in the right conditions. This job requires to be gentle, patient, rigorous but of course, always listening to create a relationship of trust with the customer and make sure to offer a moment of relaxation respecting the expectations of the customer.

Internships in Aesthetic treatments - Environment

All aesthetic treatments require specific knowledge and practices in order to offer a treatment that corresponds to the needs of the client. The aesthetic treatment is composed of various facets: the sale of an adequate treatment, the knowledge of the products to use and for whom, the practice of the treatment in good conditions. It is a profession that requires rigor, patience and a great sense of detail.

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FAQs about Beauty care and SPAs internships

In which companies can I do an internship in Beauty Care?

You can do your internship in a SPA, a beauty institute, a perfumery or sometimes even in a parapharmacy depending on your professional goals.

What studies do I need to do an internship as a massage therapist or thalassotherapist?

No university degree is required, but specialized training is required for any therapeutic method.

How do aesthetics internships work?

You must learn to know each product, its different uses, how to use it and also, how to sell it. You must also be trained and observe in order to know the good practices of massage, beauty care, make-up…

Beauty care and SPAs internships

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