Professional Internship in Business, Finance and HR

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Business, finance and HR internship offers

Below you can find general information about the most popular internship offers of this area. To see all published offers, go to the List of available internship offers in Business, finance, or HR.

Business administration internship

For internships in administration, the most common tasks are usually billing, registry, contracts, databases, tracking payments, relationships with banks, and helping customers or suppliers. These offers come from enterprises of all types, large and small, and are usually directed at candidates with administrative knowledge and a good level of the company´s local language.

Finance and accounting internship

If you are studying subjects related to finance and accounting, you will surely be interested to know that a number of organisations show interest in having interns to help them with balance sheets, budgets, the ratio of assets and liabilities, and even financial analysis projects; of course, if you like numbers.

Human Resources internship

Human Resources is a very popular professional area among students. Interviewing,assisting in recruitment, helping with internal training of employees, coordinating the onboarding of new people, and learning about contracts and labour regulations are some of the tasks offered by both companies and hotels.

Information about Business, finance and HR internships

Internships in Business - Environment

During an internship in business administration, your missions are very varied. They can also mix internal communication, management, logistics and customer relations… Indeed, a position in administration is central within a company and according to its functioning, your activities will be very different. You must be organized, have good interpersonal skills and be very responsive. A mastery of computer tools is also an essential element to benefit from a good experience in this sector.

Internships in Finance - Environment

The finance sector is very broad, and covers many different professions. During an internship, you can carry out various missions: financial audit, financial analysis or risk analyst… These experiences will allow you to discover the many facets of this renowned sector. But it is not for everyone, it is necessary to know the sector, its practices and its tools to be part of the profile sought. Finance studies are therefore essential to be able to benefit from an internship in the sector

Internships in HR - Environnement

Human resources are at the heart of all companies, they are necessary to ensure the smooth running of the company at the human level. HRMs are defined in various categories of jobs: recruitment, communication, team management… An internship in this sector requires a very good knowledge of the company in which you will do your internship. It is important to understand how it works and its objectives. The world of human resources evolves very quickly. You must be able to adapt to all situations in order to meet the needs of the company and bring about cohesion within the company

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FAQs about Business, finance and HR internships

What level of education do I need for a finance internship?

You can do an internship in finance when you have completed a bachelor’s degree or during your master’s program.

Can I do my first internship experience in human resources and administration?

You can do your first internship in these areas if your academic background is directly related to these fields.

What type of companies are looking for management interns?

There are many types of companies that offer HR internships (banks, trading companies, agencies, etc.), but the assignments can vary from one to another.

Business, finance and HR internships

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