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Technical and Engineering internship offers

Below you can find general information about the most popular internship offers of this area. To see all published offers, go to the List of available internship offers technical and engineering.

Quality audit internship

An internship in quality audit is a perfect opportunity to apply industrial expertise to business, and also deepen your knowledge of procedures that allow a big company, restaurant or hotel to conduct their production processes, services or maintenance. It is a very demanding and enriching experience for all students with an operational management or processes orientation.

Industrial operations and processes internship

Industrial processes can be applied to virtually any environment: food-related, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, fishing, etc. A sea of opportunities available only to those students who, seraching for an industrial operations or processes management internship, manage to demonstrate sufficient technical knowledge to become a perfect candidate and part of the team.

Project management internship

If you have the proper knowledge, sufficient level of languages, and a reasonable availability to do an internship and participate in a development, improvement, renovation, research or implementation project, then doing your internship in the area of project management could be the perfect way to apply diverse skills, and gain your position on the labour market by having experience interning for a large company.

Information about Technical and Engineering internships

Internships in Quality and Auditing – Environment

The profession of quality auditor is specialized mainly in the sectors of industry and trade of consumer products. To work in this profession, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the market and auditing techniques. The aim of this job is to make the right recommendations and analyses of companies on their functioning and objectives in order to ensure their sustainability.

Internships in Industrial Operations and Processes – Environment

Managing industrial processes is a complex task that requires great qualities. From research, to technical mastery (audit, technology), to a strong analytical capacity. All this in order to be able to optimize existing processes, to create new ones or to innovate them for companies in the industrial and commercial sector.

Internships in Project management - Environment

Project management is defined as the action of leading a project and managing its smooth running throughout the different phases of it. It is important to establish the budget, to manage teams, to define roles, missions and objectives for each participant… The project manager ensures the sustainability of the project by managing and coordinating the teams.

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FAQs about Technical and Engineering internships

What studies do I need to do an internship in quality and auditing?

You can do your internship as early as your third year in engineering school, but the profiles sought are generally students in their fourth or fifth year.

What is an industrial process engineer?

The industrial process engineer is interested in the different processes and production systems of a company. He or she ensures that the human, economic and technological performance of the company works properly.

What is the profile for an internship in project management?

To do an internship in project management, you must have knowledge of communication and management, know how to use management tools and, of course, know how to manage a project to completion.

Technical and engineering internships

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