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Customer service, PR and Events internship offers

Below you can find general information about the most popular internship offers of this area. To see all published offers, go to the List of available internship offers in customer service, PR and events.

Customer service internship

Communicate well and properly serve customers is essential in any organisation. Big multinational companies, prestigious hotels, and even small companies still in the process of development have a common interest: all seek interns with communication and foreign language skills to help them in customer service by dealing with clients, partner companies, and suppliers.

Public Relations internship

Getting a customer to leave the hotel with a big smile and positive memories at the end of a wonderful holiday is the greatest objective of the hotel’s public relations team. These jobs are for students with communication skills and, in addition, a special kind attitude that helps them perform customer satisfaction tests and even collaborate in the management of guests during their stay. Of course, foreign languages and the ability to adapt to different situations are keys to success.

Event management internship

Many of the hotels we collaborate with often have an interest in training students in event management. These positions require great organisational skills, orientation to detail, empathy towards customers, and a lot of patience and creativity. Event-related internships nornally take place in luxury hotels where banquets, weddings, celebrations, and all kinds of galas are organised.

Information about Customer service, PR and Events internships

Internships in Customer service – Environment

Customer service is a strategic position within a company. You are the person in charge of the relationship between the customer and the company, before the purchase, during or after the purchase when necessary. You must manage customer satisfaction and do everything possible to ensure the company’s reputation while correctly meeting the various customer needs.

Internships in Public relations – Environment

Public relations belong to the communication pole of a company or an organization…It is about transmitting the good image of the company to its target audience, whether internally or externally. The purpose of public relations is to inform and educate users about the functions and objectives of a company, an association or a political party…

Internships in event management - Environment

Event planning requires a great deal of creativity, organization and attention to detail. If you are doing an internship in event management, you may have to organize both professional and leisure events, so you must be able to adapt to all types of situations to meet the needs of your organization.

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FAQs about Customer service, PR and Events internships

What studies do I need to do an event internship?

To do an internship in events management, you can be a student in communications, marketing, hospitality or tourism.

What are the skills required for a public relations internship?

You must be a good listener and, of course, a good communicator. This includes a good knowledge of the language spoken in the country where you are interning.

What is customer service?

Customer service is responsible for the relationship between a customer and a company throughout their exchange. It is responsible for answering the needs and different questions of the customers.

Customer service, PR and events internships

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