Professional Internship in Trade and Negotiation

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Trade and negotiation internship offers

Below you can find general information about the most popular internship offers of this area. To see all published offers, go to the List of available internship offers in trade or negotiation.

Trade or negotiation internship

The world of international trade, of companies that buy or sell to customers and suppliers in other countries, is one of the most willing to host international students for internships. This is easy to understand if we consider that the intern can facilitate relations with companies from their home country, knowing its corporate culture and having mastered the native language. It is a very attractive environment for companies and a very enriching one for interns.

Commercial prospecting internship

If you study or you want to develop your sales and persuasion skills, then commercial prospecting positions are the most favourable for your internship. Identify potential customers, find the best way to contact them, pitch services or products, attract new customers or suppliers, and achieve goals—these are some of the most common tasks in these dynamic internship positions.

Market research internship

Brand campaigns, market analysis, opening of new markets and feasibility polls are just a few of the most common concepts when you’re doing an internship in market research; an especially interesting position for students with research skills and a lot of entrepreneurial creativity. Helping evaluate how to launch a product or a service in another country, or simply how to better position the company name, are some of the most common goals during those internships.

Information about Trade and negotiation internships

Internships in International trade – Environment

International trade is a sector that is always expanding. It represents the exchanges between different countries and different companies. It is necessary for a good economic functioning of companies but also for some countries. It includes many actors and therefore, issues that can vary. It is necessary to know the market and to know how to adapt to specific situations. An internship in international trade offers great learning opportunities with varied missions that require negotiation skills, foreign language skills, market analysis…

Internships in Sales prospecting – Environment

Sales prospecting allows a company to develop its network of customers and to know their needs with their company. It allows to develop its market in more detail. The prospecting is divided into different forms: telephone, email or physical prospecting depending on the services offered and the target. An internship in this sector allows you to discover the development of a commercial relationship between a company and its customers or new prospects. It is an enriching experience that requires knowledge in business, marketing and communication.

Internships in Market research - Environment

Market research is, for companies seeking business development, a necessary step before making decisions. Indeed, the analysis of the competition, the needs of the consumers and the added value of a company on a sector make it possible to have an external glance on the market and to ensure to propose a product or service answering a need. Market research requires time and great research and analysis skills to be able to draw the appropriate conclusions for the objectives set by the companies. An internship in this sector is rewarding to develop one’s analytical skills and knowledge in a preferred sector.

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FAQs about Trade and negotiation internships

What studies do I need to do an internship in international trade?

To do an internship in this sector, you must have at least a degree in international business or be a student in a business school.

Why do a sales prospecting internship?

A market research internship allows you to develop your commercial skills, but also your oral fluency, your interpersonal skills and your research abilities.

What are the missions of a market research internship?

The main tasks are competitive intelligence, information research and the development of analyses. You will need to be proficient in a variety of data collection and information classification tools.

Trade and negotiation internships

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