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Translation and foreign languages internship offers

Below you can find general information about the most popular internship offers of this area. To see all published offers, go to the List of available internship offers translation and foreign languages.

Translation internship

Communicating well has been and will be one of the major objectives of companies, something that is not always easy. Europe, for example, is a continent where many different languages are spoken and therefore, the correct use of foreign languages has become one of the most valued skills. If you want an internship during which you can apply your language skills and improve their level, translation is an inexhaustible source of experience.

Digital marketing and Internet translation internship

Nowadays, the very act of communicating acquires many meanings. This is because there are so many media and ways to communicate the same message. Thus, the reinvention of start-ups and apps (mobile applications) poses a big challenge for students interested in doing an internship based on language and translation tasks—the need to learn to communicate in the digital world, promote products or disseminate ideas, to translate texts, all for the Internet.

Corporate translation and communication internship

Some time ago proper communication was already important for enterprises; however, today it is necessary to communicate better and in several languages. Retain customers, promote products, strengthen the presence of a brand, or simply be present are common objectives of all successful businesses—tasks which are normally part of work of an intern whose interest is to learn and improve skills in areas of corporate communication and foreign languages.

Information about Translation and foreign language internships

Internships in Foreign Language Translation – Environment

Working in the translation and foreign language sector means many things. It can mean being a translator for web content, working in a translation company, working in a school as a teacher…and many other possibilities. This job of translator means a perfect command of at least two languages, it is necessary to speak them in a sustained language as well as in a colloquial one in order to be able to adapt to various situations and to be able to make translations as close as possible to the original version.

Internships in Online Marketing and web translation – Environment

In the online marketing sector, translation plays an important role. Indeed, if you work for an international company, its communication must be adapted in each language on its website or on its networks, in order to transmit the same messages and remain understandable to all customers. Translation on the Internet allows companies to easily open up to new international targets and even test new markets before a physical establishment, so an excellent translation is not negligible!

Internships in Translation and corporate communication - Environment

Translation within companies affects both the relationship with customers and the employees within the company. That is why translators are needed to ensure the proper transmission of the company’s image both internally and externally in the languages spoken by the various employees. Corporate communication not only strengthens the bonds of belonging to a company, but also makes the employees the representatives of the company abroad.

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FAQs about Translation and foreign language internships

In what companies should I apply to a translation or corporate communications internship?

You can do translation internships in companies specialized in translation or in online marketing and communication companies or agencies.

Can I do a translation internship abroad?

Of course. An internship abroad allows you to gain even more translation skills in a new language and to build on the languages you already know.

What are the requirements for a translation and foreign language internship?

You must be a student with a bachelor’s degree in applied foreign language or foreign culture and civilization, or a master’s degree in translation.

Translation and foreign language internships

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