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IT, design and systems-related internship offers

Below you can find general information about the most popular internship offers of this area. To see all published offers, go to the List of available internship offers IT, design and systems-related.

Web positioning and SEO internship

It is increasingly common to hear the expression “if you’re not online, you don´t exist.” Well, we could also say “if you are not well-positioned online, you do not sell¨— finding information about a company, a product, a brand or a service in google or yahoo is, for many, part of their daily routine. So, the challenge all companies are facing today is to know how to position themselves—a rising internship environment that has become a perfect way to learn by working, of course if you like the digital world and SEO.

App and website design internship

Some years ago, in order to access the Internet you needed a computer; now it is not essential. To navigate you can also use a mobile phone or a tablet. Technology and access to information today is multi-device. Thus, more and more companies choose to open their doors to students interested in creating and designing websites or developing new applications for mobiles—apps.

Graphic design internship

In the digital world the content and the way you present information are equally important. Graphic design, layout, photography, even the image selection for a website, organisation of an advertising project or a mailing campaign are increasingly important activities in business, and a starting point for a student who looks for an internship in graphic design, web design, or applied communications.

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Internships in Web positioning and SEO – Environment

SEO and web positioning are known to all companies present on the Internet and seeking to gain visibility among visitors and customers. To work in SEO, it is necessary to know the company, its objectives and its current position on the market. Then comes the phase where you have to define how to optimize your tools to always try to improve your positioning on the Internet. To practice SEO, it is necessary to have a perfect command of digital, to know various tools and to have research and creative abilities to improve the company’s performance.

Internships in Web and App development – Environment

The creation of applications and websites requires good knowledge in computer science and a certain ease with digital. Indeed, it is a sought-after profession thanks to the place of digital in our daily life. More and more companies are looking to expand on various platforms but there are specific processes and things to know. To create a website or an application that is ergonomic, durable and with long term evolution possibilities, you need to think about the user experience but also the data management or the visual appearance.

Internships in Graphic design - Environment

The graphic designer will do aesthetic work on a website and/or an application. The goal is to create an app or a site that is easy to navigate, that makes people want to look at and consume content.  The graphic designer will make sure that all the elements are coordinated with each other and represent the brand or company associated with it. The main goal is to create a visual communication in line with the DNA of the brand. This job, although it is very sought after, requires great skills on the digital but also on a part of creation such as drawing, animation…

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FAQs about Computer science, IT and design internships

What are the requirements for a SEO and search engine optimization internship?

It is necessary to master SEO tools such as SEMRush, Screaming Frog… and all Google tools: Analytics, Search Console. It is also necessary to have notions of web content writing.

Which companies are looking for IT and web interns?

All types of companies are looking for interns in this industry, as long as they have a digital presence.

What studies do I need to do an internship in graphic design?

You must have a degree, bachelor’s or master’s in graphic design and, in most cases, you must be able to present a portfolio of your work.

Computer science, IT and design internships

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