Professional Internship in Marketing, communication and social media

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Marketing, communication and social media internship offers

Below you can find general information about the most popular internship offers of this area. To see all published offers, go to the List of available internship offers in marketing, communication or social media.

Marketing internship

Marketing is a gigantic universe: direct marketing, guerrilla marketing, online marketing, mobile marketing, sector marketing, viral marketing, corporate marketing, and more… So, if you like one or various types of marketing, feel free to browse as there are many companies and hotels interested in having interns as part of a marketing team in all its varieties.

Communication and advertising internship

Both internal and external corporate communication is increasingly important for organisations that understand the need to convey clear messages to their customers and suppliers. Therefore, it is increasingly common to find companies interested in having interns with knowledge of, and eager to work in advertising, applied marketing, or corporate communication, and who want to learn and work on related projects.

Online marketing and social networks internship

During the last decade, online marketing and social networks management have marked a strong presence on the labour market and, of course, among our internship offers. Increasingly, and largely thanks to the emergence of technology-related companies and start- ups, online publishing activities, communication in the environment of Internet media, and digital content management tasks are very popular during internships.

Information about Marketing, communication and social network internships

Internships in Marketing – Environment

The advantage of a marketing internship is that it is sought after in many sectors, so you can expect to find a marketing internship easily in a variety of fields: hospitality, fashion, new technologies and many others. The marketing internship allows you to develop your skills both online and offline, with missions and projects that evolve rapidly and require you to be versatile. Marketing also allows you to be in relation with other poles within your company and thus to learn more and more during your professionalization.

Internships in Communication – Environment

Internships in communication are highly sought after, both by students and companies. But, these internships in communication can have a very broad meaning. Indeed, the communication sector is very personal to each company, its sector and its objectives. Communication allows to put forward elements of a company both internally between employees and externally, by addressing prospects. For an internship in this sector, it is important to know the different aspects under which communication can be declined: advertising, press releases, speeches, web writing

Internships in Digital marketing and Social networks - Environment

Online marketing and social networks are crucial for any type of business. They have developed in only a few years but have taken a crucial place in the daily life of companies, but also more generally in the daily life of all their users. Thanks to this global phenomenon, internships in this sector allow a 360° vision of internal and external communication, online marketing (via websites or social networks). They are also a chance to develop new web knowledge and to understand more deeply the objectives and impacts of social networks in the business world.

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FAQs about Marketing, communication and social networks internships

What are the main tasks of a marketing internship?

Marketing internships allow you to combine different missions within a company: creation, market research, project management, all with a strong use of digital technology.

Should I do my internship in a communications agency?

Communications agencies are known for their intensive and rewarding internships, but you can do a communications internship in any type of organization/company and gain valuable experience.

What is the difference between an internship in “traditional” marketing or in online marketing?

Online marketing internships specialize in digital development, while “traditional” marketing internships focus on non-digital assignments such as events, advertising campaigns…

Marketing, communication and social networks internships

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