Professional Internship in Restaurants and Kitchens

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Restaurants and Kitchens internship offers

Below you can find general information about the most popular internship offers of this area. To see all published offers, go to the List of available internship offers in restaurants or kitchens.

Room service and waitering internship

Whether it is to live a brief experience in a different environment, to get to know the hospitality industry, to improve the skills of communicating with customers or because your passion is catering, to do an internship in the dining room of a restaurant or a big hotel it is a unique experience that you can share with other interns who are interested in this field like you.

Kitchen internship

Working in the kitchen, like in many other places, requires proper knowledge, but above all—passion and experience. So if your intention is to do a kitchen internship, we invite you to browse the many alternatives that you can find in renowned restaurants and prestigious hotels: learning French cuisine or enjoying Spanish cooking are within your reach.

Hospitality management internship

Restaurants, hotels, hostels, bars, and cocktail lounges are not just entertainment centers; the most popular and best-rated establishments are at the same time carefully managed companies with clear business strategies, stringent regulations, an orientation to excellence, and with quality products. Therefore, a restaurant, a hotel, or a bar are training locations, perfect to do an internship at.

Information about Restaurants and kitchen internships

Internships in Room service – Environment

Room service is a complex job, with many rules to respect and a mandatory rigor. It is necessary to know the kitchen and everything the restaurant or hotel has to offer in order to be able to respond correctly to the needs of the customers. The waiter is one of the main representatives of the service and the image of the restaurant. You must be passionate, have good interpersonal skills and be willing to be of service to excel in this profession.

Internships in Cooking and gastronomy – Environment

The profession of cook and chef requires know-how, art and a great passion. To work in this sector, it is necessary to know the different rules and to be able to adapt to the demands of the customers but also of the hotel or restaurant and its chef! Internships in this sector are highly sought during the peak season, it is necessary to have a lot of experience to train in this sector.

Internships in Hotel Management - Environment

Hotel and/or restaurant management is a multifaceted profession. It requires administrative skills, organization, management, accounting… But also a good management of teams and the development of various projects. It is necessary to make the right decisions concerning the projects that the hotel wishes to carry out. The final objective is always to improve customer satisfaction and the image that the organization transmits.

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FAQs about Restaurants and kitchen internships

In which establishments can I do an internship as a cook?

Hotels are looking for many apprentices in cooking. And of course, all restaurants, whether gastronomic or family-friendly.

What kind of training do I need to do an internship as a waiter?

For an internship as a waiter, you can come from any background. But if it is a luxury hotel, hospitality students will be preferred.

What is hotel management?

It’s managing all the teams in a hotel and restaurant, ensuring customer satisfaction, defining strategies, budgets and analyzing the results of the hotel’s performance.

Restaurants and kitchen internships

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