Professional Internship in Logistics, Import and export

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Logistics or import and export internship offers

Below you can find general information about the most popular internship offers of this area. To see all published offers, go to the List of available internship offers logistics or import and export.

International logistics internship

Some years ago it was quite difficult to try a tropical fruit in Europe or buy an Italian dress in Latin America; however, today, international trade and goods transport allows products from one place to be easily purchased in another one thousands of kilometers away. International logistics is essential in our day-to-day life and is one of the most popular internship areas, especially in cities like Barcelona where there are big international ports and shipment of goods.

Import and export internship

Contracts, insurance, shipping, containers, permits, goods, incoterms, quality reviews… These are just some of the terms used during an import/export internship. Interestingly, companies that offer these kinds of experiences often prefer interns with business studies, ideally specialising in international trade, and with a very good level of English, the universal language of business.

Purchasing and supply chain internship

Producing, packaging, shipping, and registering are some of the best known steps of a supply chain, a series of processes and actions essential in marketing products worldwide. Companies offering these services usually have interest in interns with a clear focus on international trade and foreign languages.

Information about Logistics, Import and export internships

Internships in international logistics – Environment

International logistics is the organization of the flow of goods and/or people internationally. It is a job close to international trade but which has a more organizational side with the management of transport, goods, calculation of various costs… It requires a great knowledge of different markets and accounting concepts for import and export.

Internships in import export – Environment

The import export sector includes a wide range of actors: suppliers, customers, logisticians, accountants…To carry out import export for a particular company, it is mandatory to know perfectly the offer proposed by the company, the state of the international market and the competition, in order to ensure a good margin and to increase the company’s profits.

Internships in Purchasing and Supply chain - Environment

The purchasing and supply chain manager must manage the flows between multiple actors along the supply chain. This job involves import and export, but also managing the relationship with suppliers up to the point of entering into a relationship with the customer. The main missions are to control the processes of a company in order to be efficient, to respect deadlines, pricing or to control quality.

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FAQs about Logistics, import and export internships

What studies are needed to do an internship in international logistics?

You can do an internship in logistics after a BAC + 2, a BTS, a Bachelor’s degree or a specialized Master’s degree.

In what industry should I do a purchasing and supply chain internship?

A purchasing and supply chain internship can be completed in many different fields: retail, fashion, textile, mechanical or even IT.

What language do I need to speak for an import/export internship?

For this type of internship, you must be able to speak several foreign languages depending on the company’s needs, but fluency in English is mandatory.

Logistics, import and export internships

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