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Teaching and education internship offers

Below you can find general information about the most popular internship offers of this area. To see all published offers, go to the List of available internship offers teaching and education.

Language teaching internship

It is common knowledge that one of the best ways to learn and practice languages is working as a language teacher. Fortunately, we have a close relationship with a number of language schools where, if you’re looking for it, you could do an internship teaching languages to children, adolescents, or adults, and where you will surely improve your communication skills as much as your organisational and teamwork skills.

Pedagogy and childcare internship

If your aims in life are linked to education, and you enjoy or want to work with children or do an internship as a preschool teacher, we are pleased to inform you that it is doable if you enter our internship programme. Still, you have to take into account that schools and kindergartens we collaborate with give great importance to personality, adaptability, and empathy of those who want to be part of their team.

School front office and administration internship

Doing an internship at a language school is not limited to giving classes or having an experience as a teacher. Language schools are also educational centres and therefore have the need and the duty to inform, welcome, and help both students and teachers, as well as the administrative staff. It is interesting that many of these schools open their doors to interns who assist in these activities of organisational management.

Information about pedagogical internships

Internships in language teaching – Environment

Language teaching is a type of teaching that requires a perfect command of at least 2 languages: the language spoken by the student and the language to be taught. It is a teaching through oral and written practice. This teaching can be done to adults as well as children, as soon as they feel the need to develop their level in a specific language. An internship abroad in this field will allow you to develop your teaching skills and your level of foreign languages.

Internships in pedagogy and childcare – Environment

Working in childcare requires having some responsibilities. Indeed, it is a job where you must always be attentive and vigilant with children, especially when there are many of them! You must be patient and creative in order to entertain the children while teaching them new things and keeping them awake. This is a job where you need to be comfortable with children, you need a lot of experience! But you also need to know how to address the parents, to reassure them or inform them if necessary.

Internships in reception and administration in schools - Environment

Schools are places of learning, but also administrative institutions requiring a particular organization. When working in administration in a school, the roles are multiple and varied. You can work for the recruitment of teaching, for the registration of students and advise them in their choices, but also play a role of informing parents if necessary. In the administration, you are a school representative, so you must be able to guide and advise students, as well as their parents.

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FAQs about Teaching and Education internships

Can I do an internship abroad teaching languages?

Yes, you can easily find an internship abroad and teach your native language to children, for example.

Do I need to have an experience to do an internship in teaching and childcare?

You need to have at least one experience with children to do an internship in this sector (baby-sitting, hospital, nursery, summer camps…).

What are the tasks of an internship in school administration?

It involves ensuring good organization between students, parents and teachers, transmitting information and managing activities.

Teaching and Education internships

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