Professional Internship in Tourism, reception and booking management

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Tourism, reception and booking management internship offers

Below you can find general information about the most popular internship offers of this area. To see all published offers, go to the List of available internship offers in tourism, reception or booking management.

Hotel animation / entertainment internship

Fun is the key aspect in many hotel environments, especially those oriented at family holidays with children. Hotel, summer, many activities and games—this is the environment of an internship of an animator, or an entertainer if you will. So if you like outdoor activities, sports, spending time with children and organising entertainment activities while living a cultural and linguistic experience, animation offers you an irreplaceable experience.

Hotel reception internship

The hotel industry is one of the most important in the world and, of course, a perfect environment for a training experience. The internship at front office is one of the most popular among foreign students because, besides offering a very pleasant environment in a hotel resort, it allows you to improve languages and acquire communication, administrative and direct contact skills.

Booking management internship

Booking management and group coordination are interesting postitions for students looking to improve foreign languages constantly and dynamically. Speaking in French, then in English, and then in Spanish is part of a normal day during those internships; all of this to organise a trip, a stay in a hotel, an event etc.

Information about Tourism, Reception and booking management internships

Internships in Hotel entertainment – Environment

Entertainment is a central element to the guest-friendly effect of a hotel. During the vacation period and especially in the high season (May to early September), hotels open their doors to many families and energetic children who are ready for any activity. It is therefore necessary to be creative and open-minded in order to offer diversified activities accessible to all. Good interpersonal skills and a bubbly personality will help you make your internship a successful experience for your clients.

Internships in Hotel Front Desk – Environment

A hotel front desk internship puts you in direct contact with the customer. Indeed, you are the first person with whom the customer will speak, so you must do everything possible to offer a warm welcome and service so that his experience begins well within your company. You must be attentive to their needs and responsive to any problems. It is necessary to be reactive, to have good interpersonal skills and to master several languages in order to make yourself understood and understand certain crucial information.

Internships in Reservation Management - Environment

An internship in reservation management and group coordination allows you to develop many skills while making your creativity in events and animation speak for itself. Indeed, for a position like this you will have to adapt to different criteria or use your imagination to organize interesting trips and activities. You will also be central to the well-being of travelers by ensuring that their reservations and expectations are met and by being available to them.

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FAQs about Tourism, reception and booking management internships

What is the best season to intern as a hotel receptionist?

Between June and August, which is the high season for hotels, there are many requests for interns.

Where can I do a hotel internship in Spain?

Spain is a very touristy country with many hotels on the coast. Coastal cities such as the Costa Brava are regularly looking for interns in this sector.

What language do I need to know to work at a hotel reception?

As a receptionist, English, as well as the language spoken in the country of the internship, is mandatory. Other languages are always useful and appreciated by hotel managers.

Tourism, reception and booking management internships

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