Facilitate your students´ access to hundreds of internship offers in trusted companies

Since 2005, IES Consulting has been helping students find internships in companies and speeding up the process of signing internship agreements


“Our students save a lot of time and are guaranteed internships in trusted companies:

The consultants guide our students through the recruitment process and also through the bureaucratic procedures of preparing the necessary documents”

Karolina Perliceusz, International Relations coordinator

WSB University, Wrocław, Poland

Become a Partner University and save time finding placements for your students

Get to know the advantages that help hundreds of Career Centres at universities, business schools and training centres find professional internships for students all year round

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Send internship offers to your students with just one click

We have developed a software that sends a newsletter with the most recent internship offers each month to the person responsible for placements at the university in order for them to easily pass them on to students by forwarding the e-mail with just one click.


Have new offers in your university´s intranet all year round

If your university has an intranet where we can publish internship offers, our team will do that creating quality content and respecting the institutional structure in all offers published in the university portal.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Call us or write to us, you will always get an answer

One of our main goals is to create and maintain productive and long-term collaborations with universities. Therefore we have a team of consultants who are always there to help, clear doubts and advise the Career Centre of each partner university all year round.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Increase the success rate of your students during the recruitment process

The majority of students who find their internships thorugh us come from universities with which we have very good relations and tailor-made collaboration agreements. Contact a consultant and get informed about the benefits of becoming a partner university.


Choose an adequate internship

Our recruitment process starts with a guidance interview which invites students to browse through the offers of internships related to their studies and which can be very useful in optimising their skills and abilities.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Pass the interview with flying colours

Be it on the phone, via Skype, or in person, each student needs to know how to react to difficult questions and be aware of the importance of their body language—we know tricks to make it a success.

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Find a place to live

Thanks to extensive knowledge of our surroundings, our consultants can give students advice about the neighbourhoods, prices, agencies; in short, how to find a good and safe place to live during the internship.


Create an outstanding CV

The structure, the content and the design of the CV need to meet the companies´ requirements, therefore our recruitment consultants advise our candidates on how to prepare an attractive and outstanding CV.


Speedy interviews and short procedures

Thanks to many years of experience and close relations with hundreds of companies we can conduct speedy interviews and get answers in record time in order to finally process all documents without delays.

publicar oferta de prácticas para estudiantes franceses nativos

Effective internship agreement procedures

Facilitating the flow of information and documents that need to be completed, and making the parties sign the internship agreement, presenting insurances and residence permits, and processing the final reports and evaluations are our team´s priority.

seguros para estudiantes en prácticas en el extranjero

Diversity of offers and industries

On our website you can find offers in multinational companies, start-ups, hotels and other establishments that offer internships in sales, marketing, engineering, languages, business administration or tourism, among many others. IES Consulting helps recruit students to more tan 500 companies

seguros para estudiantes en prácticas en el extranjero

Trusted companies and attractive benefits

All internships promoted by us take place in trusted companies where other students have already had good experiences. Our team of consultants also makes sure that the companies offer their interns benefits such as reasonable monthly remuneration.

Enter the world of opportunities for your students and facilitate their access to an internship

Success stories: many universities are already collaborating with us


“We have a collaboration agreement with IES Consulting thanks to which our students receive help in finding internships in companies, guidance during the interviews, and assistance with processing the documents”

Jeanine Brami, Career & alumni relations


“For years our students have been gaining professional experience by doing internships abroad thanks to the help of IES Consulting, a bridge between the academic world and employment”

Daniela Longo, Student Internship Coordinator


“IES Consulting has always been a trusted and professional ally. Their team constantly helps our students find rewarding internships in Europe”

Martin Bradbeer, Academic Director


“We are very satisfied with the help that IES Consulting offers to our students, and whenever we can we invite them to find their internships with the IES team”

Ingrid Sierra, Internship Coordinator


“IES Consulting offers a possibility of doing international internships to our students who can use their knowledge acquired during classes in an international environment”

Ana María Espinel, Institutional Coordinator


“IES Consulting has always treated us extremely professionally, it is a pleasure to be working with their team—they have been really helpful to a great number of our students during the search for their internships”

Juan Lago,Research Director

Thanks to IES Consulting the labour market is more accessible to our students: Finding internships and cultural experiences for them wasn´t that easy before we started collaborating”

Sabrina Donati, Academic Secretary

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