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Internship in tourism in Barcelona

Doing an internship in the tourism sector is good but doing it in Barcelona is even better! Indeed, Barcelona is a city full of treasures, unsuspected corners, and beauty. If you want to share these wonders, this article is for you! Do you recognize yourself in this description? Go for it! There are so many things to discover and to let discover that you will surely not be bored.


How to boost your professional career with your internship abroad

Internships abroad are not new... In fact, every year, many programs require their students to fly all over the world to improve their language skills by working in foreign companies. Direct immersion in a foreign country is the best way to improve your language skills, to immerse yourself in the culture of the country and to gainprofessional experience abroad. In addition, today's companies generally require a first professional experience, which makes an internship a highly coveted experience. An internship is already a great experience for your professional career, but an internship abroad is doubly so because it offers even more advantages.


How to be at your best for your first day of internship ?

That's it, you're finally done with resumes, cover letters, internship interviews and you've finally found the company of your dreams ready to welcome you. Your first day is fast approaching and now you are dreading starting your internship? Don't worry, it's perfectly normal. We offer you some tips to have a good first day of internship and to feel comfortable!


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