Suggerimenti per trovare la tua stage all'estero

All about Spanish banks

You have just arrived in Spain for your internship and you need to open a bank account?  Indeed, opening a bank account in Spain can help you avoid commissions imposed by your French bank and will make your life easier there, especially if you stay in Spain for several months, opening an account can be useful. It will allow you, for example, to receive your salary, to pay your rent, to pay your expenses or to withdraw cash without any fees. With this article, opening an account for your internship in Spain will no longer be a secret for you!


How to be at your best for your first day of internship ?

That's it, you're finally done with resumes, cover letters, internship interviews and you've finally found the company of your dreams ready to welcome you. Your first day is fast approaching and now you are dreading starting your internship? Don't worry, it's perfectly normal. We offer you some tips to have a good first day of internship and to feel comfortable!


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